Interesting Hokkaido,
An interesting person is made.
The land of "Let's do it".
That is Hokkaido.
With creators,
It is a funny person.
I am excited.

Because it is rural, interesting things,
Even though it is rural, new things can be done now.

No Maps is set in Hokkaido,
A big framework that creates business value.

Let's show off the idea.
Let's put the technology into practical use.
Let's make encounters, chemical reactions.

Music, movies, education, town planning · · ·
Genre can be anything.

I can not be discouraged by boring values ​​and human relationships,
Now, let's cut the world that is not on the map.

No MapsWhat is it?

No Maps meaning an adventure without a map is an effort to make Hokkaido interesting with the creative Tikara.
We will hold exchanges and events beyond the boundaries of industry, government and academia, including music, movies, technology.

No MapsIs
Under the name "Sapporo Creative Convention"
"Sapporo Creative Convention"


New suggestions, presentations, and lively exchanges of opinions.

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A place of communication where the content, technology and service can be experienced.

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Creative experience-like event such as movies, music, design, media.

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Meet-upAlternating current

Meet different industries and different generations, and create new business and collaboration.

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To Sapporo · Hokkaido as "the city of possibility exploration" to the sacred place of the demonstration experiment.

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In no particular order