No Maps carries out the following businesses​ ​

under the name of
"Sapporo Creative Convention"

  • Conference
  • Exhibition
  • Event
  • Meet-up
  • Experiment
  • Conference

    We provide businesses that advocate for "new value, culture, and society" with opportunities to spread, discuss and create new ideas.

  • Exhibition

    We will bring together new technologies, contents, services, etc. that propose "new value, culture, society's appearance" and provide a place of exhibition / discovery of next generation technology and services etc

  • Event

    Provide a place where citizens can experience new content and experience new technologies and services in the form of experiential events where citizens can easily participate easily.

  • Meet-up

    We provide a networking place where various people interested in "new value, culture, society's appearance" freely meet, connect, and spend further value.

  • Experiment

    In coordination with government agencies, we will coordinate the field of Sapporo and Hokkaido to provide as a place for social demonstration experiments of technologies and services to propose "new value, culture, society".


Event date Thursday, October 5, 2017 - Sunday, October 15, 2017
Venue Places such as halls in Sapporo city center and alleys around Tanuki
Business Objectives ○ Revitalize creative industry and influence other industries
○ Foundation support · Creation of new industries · Promotion of investment
○ Foster creative civil culture
○ Improve international recognition and appeal of Sapporo · Hokkaido
○ Make SAPPORO "one of the world's most innovative cities"

About Sapporo City

Although Sapporo has the heaviest snow in the world, nearly 2 million people live there and the 1972 Winter Olympics was held there. In 2013, Sapporo was recognized as a "media arts city" of the creative city network established by UNESCO. The creativity of Sapporo is gaining attention from all over the world.

City of Sapporo

Operating System

No Maps operates in the form of an executive committee.
Committee members and advisors consist of private companies, government agencies, and universities that represent Hokkaido, as well as our partners, such as major media, educational institutions, and companies that work under the "ALL HOKKAIDO system."

Executive Committee Members List (PDF) Operation System (PDF)

Composition of the Executive Committee

Representing Hokkaido

Private Enterprises Government Agency University etc.
Media Partner / Educational Partner / Local Partner

No Maps Executive Committee Office

TEL: 011-812-2000 FAX: 011-812-2001
E-mail: info@no-maps.jp URL: https: //no-maps.jp
Postal Code 003 - 0005
Intercross Creative Center 2FH
5-1-1 Sapporo-shi, Shiroishi-ku Higashi Sapporo