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The 2nd Hokkaido Satellite Data Use Study Group

Collaborative business
Date and time
November 20, 2017 14 o'clock -
Organized by: Hokkaido
Cooperation: General Association Hokkaido Open Data Promotion Council / No Maps Executive Committee / General Hokkaido Industry and Academia Forum Forum / NPO Digital Hokkaido Study Group / Hokkaido Space Port Research Group

The 2nd Hokkaido Satellite Data Use Study Group

The Quasi-Zenith Satellite "MICHIBIKI" Unit 4 was launched on the 10th of last month, which enables high-precision positioning in Japan from next fiscal year.





Sponsorship Hokkaido
Cooperation 一般社団法人 北海道オープンデータ推進協議会/ No Maps実行委員会/ 一般社団法人 北海道産学官研究フォーラム/ NPO法人 Digital北海道研究会/ 北海道スペースポート研究会
Date and time Monday, November 20, Heisei 14 - 16: 30
place TKP Sapporo Business Center Red Renchi Hamanashi (Sapporo City Chuo-ku, Kita 4-cha, West 6 - chome 1, every day Sapporo Kaikan 5th Floor)


1. About the satellite positioning system

Lecturer: Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Space Industry Office Assistant to Hidehito Yamasaki
~ Satellite Positioning is a system of quasi-zenith satellites, examples of utilization of location information, trends of receivers etc.

2. Introduction of utilization examples of satellite positioning system

(1) Current needs of robotic agricultural machines and new needs for dissemination
Instructor: Mr. Nobuo Noguchi, Professor, Hokkaido University Graduate School of Agriculture
(2) Safe driving support · High accuracy positioning solution such as automatic driving
Lecturer: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Electronic Systems Division High-Accuracy Positioning Business Promotion Dept. Technology Group
Mr. Hisao Sone, Department Manager
(3) Inbound tourism solution utilizing high-accuracy positioning technology and advanced wearable device technology
Example of utilization such as "Nabari"
Lecturer: Mr. Jun Kasai of Board of Directors Forte Corporation

3. Q & A and information exchange

Application etc. Participation free (about 100 people)
How to apply Please apply from this website