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No Maps Trade Show 2017

Venue ①
Sapporo Ekimori Underground Walking Space Venue
Date and time
<Previous Exhibit> Saturday, October 7, 2017 to Tue 10 (Tuesday)
<Late term exhibition> From October 11 (Wednesday) to Sunday 15 (Sunday) in 2017
Saturday and Sunday public holiday 10: 00 ~ 19: 00

Venue ②
ACU-Y Venue
Date and time
October 11 (Wednesday) - 13 (Fri) of 2017

No Maps Trade Show 2017

In October 2017, companies that are trying to draw new maps in undeveloped areas gathered in Sapporo. It opens an exhibition where No Maps' theme 'business contents centered on advanced technology and new ideas' is condensed. Technology centered around digital technology and digital contents, leading the era from domestic and overseas technology and services gathered. It is an exhibition that embodies the concept of No Maps, where new technologies, new services, new ideas, people who open up a path that does not go well meet.


Venue Sapporo Ekimori Underground Walking Space Venue ACU-Y Venue
A session <Exhibit in previous term>2017年10月7日(土) ~10日(火)
<Late term exhibition>2017年10月11日(水) ~15日(日)
<開催時間> 平日11:00~20:00 土日祝日 10:00~19:00
2017年10月11日(水) ~13日(金)
<開催時間> 各日10:00~17:00
Simultaneous holding 札幌駅前通地下歩行空間会場では、 会場全体がNo Maps一色に! 総合受付けが設置されるほか、 イベント、セミナーなどが連日開催されます。 隣接するACU-A会場で、No Maps Business Conference 2017を開催。

Exhibitor Introduction

Sapporo Ekimori Underground Walking Space Venue
D1 【Previous term】
CG WORLD Entry Live 2017 in Sapporo
Exhibition of cooperating companies / schools of "CG WORLD Entry Live 2017 in Sapporo" for high school students and students interested in games, animation, CG, video industry.
<Exhibitors / Schools>
Nippon Kogakuin College Hokkaido College, General Academy Human Academy Sapporo School, Yoshida Gakuen Information Business College, Ad Inc., exsa Sapporo Studio Co., Ltd., Infinite Loop Co., Ltd., Krypton Future Media Co., Ltd., Eiting Co., Ltd. Smile boom, Media · Magic Inc.
[Late period]
Trapants Co., Ltd.
Exhibition of driving agency application "DAIKO" equipped with card settlement, location information confirmation, driver evaluation system and so on.
Inter × CrossCreative Center
Introduction of products and services of ICC residents (game applications, illustrations, posters, 4K images, etc.).
Sapporo AI Lab
Exhibition of activity introduction panel and demonstration of AI utilization project implemented at Sapporo AILab (automatic response system by AI, AI haiku project).
Distribution of the latest desktop PC, notebook PC, VR theater equipment, drone etc., product catalog, store information leaflet etc
D2 【Previous term】
Aniplex Corporation
Exhibition of video works produced by ANPLEX and company introduction of Quatro A.
[Late period]
Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.
Offering a new art appreciation experience using ICT technology, which will be the first exhibition in Hokkaido! We will introduce the "Midori Loupe" which expands the way of enjoying worldwide art work with digital technology.
D3 【Previous term】
Nain Corporation
You can check the notification of the smartphone with the voice UI, perform the product display, viewing and experience of the earphone "A · Play" that you can use LINE and mail safely while walking.
Creator's In Pack
PR · sale of picture book "Marcus of Cloud Forest".
N. Jen Corporation
Introducing a cloud service "infogrove" that links smartphones and existing media with GIS. Free distribution of application and demonstration.
SD Entertainment Co., Ltd.
Promotion of the fitness club "SD Fitness Sapporo Shiroishi" opened in October.
Business EXPO
PR on "Business EXPO" to be held at Sapporo on November 10th and 11th.
Hokkaido agri-food project
Invitation tickets for PR and event & conference of 'Hokkaido Agri-Food Project' to be held in Sapporo from November 22 to 23 are distributed.
[Late period]
Fujitsu Limited
"Smivo de Coach" for information sharing service for sports schools, "Livetalk" tool to realize "textualization" and "multilingualization" of spoken words, personal identification system "FIDO" using biometric information without ID or password Exhibition.
"MuFo" exhibition that provides a new experience to share music with friends, family and colleagues on smartphone.
Lion Corporation
Developing an oral care salon as a new value proposition. Experience teeth whitening by LED light irradiation.
※ In addition, PR corner by local media partner is installed.
ACU-Y Venue
Y 301 Small and Medium Organization Hokkaido Hokkaido University Business Spring
Of Hokkaido Business-Spring entrance companies, several companies related to IoT and AI exhibited.
Y 313 Tokyo Kohon Corporation
Introduction of 4K high quality digital scan service from movie film. Introduction about repairing and digitizing from VTR tapes and various sound materials where fungi and cutting occurred.
Pony Canyon Enterprises Inc.
Introduction of "Another Track" application (application for inbound) compatible with other languages ​​using smart devices, "KiLA" real time animation production and distribution system.
Yabushita Corporation
As a new measure of VR exhibition, product presentation contents with full CG collaborated by Yagushita of Manufacturing Manufacturer and CG Production Company are displayed.
Gee Angle Co., Ltd.
Proposal of "animation" to "tell". A story that remains in my heart and a new promotion with a visual! Introduction of 'Animation Message' which is easy to understand and wide targeting possible.
Krypton · Future · Media Co., Ltd.
The free information application "Domingo" which understands "now" in Hokkaido, the exhibition on the theater space "Hokkaido Guru To Theater" where you can experience the magnificent natural landscape of Hokkaido with a 360 degree full circle image.
Hokkaido IoT business platform
Introduction of the platform to solve problems of each industry including agriculture and food related industries by utilizing IoT technology and further development as business and exhibition of solution technology for agriculture.
General Association Hokkaido IT Promotion Association(INSITE TECHNOLOGY INC. / STAKEN INC. / AGENDA CORPORATION)
Databases capable of high-speed data analysis including geographic information, copy prevention technology E-book production incorporating DRM, solutions based on the use of "Pepper" including cooperation with AI, etc. will be displayed on a daily basis!
Y 302 / Y 305 BULB × WAKO DENKI
Exhibition of takeout order system and serving robot.
General Foundation Space System Development Promotion Organization
Introduction of research and development on the space system (satellite system, launch system, ground system, satellite remote sensing and space environment use).
Sapporo AI Lab (Sankelee Corporation)
Introduction of sales support tool "smartNexus" equipped with demand prediction function by AI and "photo de stock management" (patent pending) with AI.
Efforts in snowy cold districts of automatic driving (Hokkaido)
Introduction of vehicle safety technology initiatives in Hokkaido.
New technology, new business. From the perspective of ASCII's most interesting digital culture, two startups in Hokkaido exhibited.
<Exhibitors> Ruler Co., Ltd., agricultural information design company Limited (078 Executive Committee)
Introduction about the cross media event "078 (Zero · Nana · bee)" started in Kobe in May 2017. It is scheduled to be held in 2018 for three days from 27th to 29th April.