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Seminar on Innovation Promotion by 2nd "AI x IoT"

Collaborative business
Date and time
October 12, 2017 (Thur)
Sapporo-shi Chuo-ku Kita 4-cha West 5-chome Asti 45 A
Free (advance advance application required)

Seminar on Innovation Promotion by 2nd "AI x IoT"

The Hokkaido IT Promotion Association "Human Resources Development Committee" regularly holds seminars etc. for the purpose of improving the technical capability for IT companies in Hokkaido and providing information, aiming to raise the IT industry in Hokkaido. This fiscal year, focusing on new business creation using AI (artificial intelligence) and IoT (thing of the Internet of the thing), improving the productivity of the company, etc., introduce the speaker from the outside, case examples of practice enterprise in the province, I hope that you will be able to lead your business's development by deepening your knowledge on AI × IoT usage. We are waiting for a lot of participation.


Date and time Thursday, October 12, 2017, 15: 30 ~ 17: 00
place ACU-A Room B (Asti 45, 16th floor, Kita 4-cha West 5-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo)
Entry fee Free (advance advance application required)
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Sponsorship General Association Hokkaido IT Promotion Association
Co-organized Sapporo City IoT Innovation Promotion Consortium
Sapporo AI Lab
NPO corporation Sapporo Biz Cafe
Support Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Hokkaido


15:30〜15:40 Opening greetings
Hokkaido IT Promotion Association Human Resource Development Committee Chairman Takuya Izawa (Ecomom Corporation)
15:40〜16:20 Keynote lecture: "Towards value creation through AI technology"
NEC (NEC Corporation) AI · Analytics Business Development Division Senior Expert Sakata Satoru

In recent years, AI (artificial intelligence) technology has developed and application to real society is progressing rapidly. NEC has been engaged in research related to AI for many years and practiced with customers with efforts to create value from enormous data with advanced AI technology. In this presentation, we will introduce the current state of AI technology and specific examples of NEC's approach to AI and explain the points to realize value creation through AI.
16:20〜17:00 Practice example: "Real estate Tech ~ Creating potential value by utilizing AI ~"
Ikura Representative Director and CEO Kazunari Sato
17:00〜18:30 MEET-UP (No Maps hosted party)


Sakata Kazuaki

Sakata Kazuaki

Sakata Kazuaki

NEC (NEC Corporation) AI · Analytics Business Development Division Senior Expert

1997年、NECに入社。中央研究所にて、グループウェア、データ分析領域の研究開発に従事。 2014年より、ビッグデータ戦略本部にて、全社のビッグデータ事業戦略立案、データ分析案件のコンサルティング等に従事。現在、NEC独自のAI技術を活用した、AI・アナリティクス関連事業の戦略策定・実行を推進している。

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