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Performing automatic driving performance in Sapporo central city area

Performing automatic driving performance in Sapporo central city area

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation as a demonstration experiment and social demonstration project through "No Maps Future Lab" aiming to provide a place for social demonstration experiments on technologies and services that propose "new value, culture, society" (NTT), NTT DATA, and Gunma University to carry out automatic running performance. NTT and Sapporo City have signed a "Sapporo Town Planning Partner Agreement", and this time it was implemented as one of tackling town planning. Also, No Maps can be realized by adjusting with the Hokkaido Automobile Safety Technology Review Conference (Hokkaido Economic Affairs Division Industry Promotion Division).

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Automatic driving is scheduled to be carried out three times a day from October 11th to 13th.

Automatic driving area (planned)

Automatic driving performance schedule

October 11 11, 14, 16
October 12 14:00, 16:00
October 13 11 o'clock
※ There is no ride experience. For some media, only stakeholders may experience the ride, sometimes attending seats and commentaries.

Traveling area

Hokkaido Former Main Government Building (Red Brick Government Building) Near the North Gate - Sapporo City Hall - Odori Park - Around the Old Main Hall (Hokkaido Government Building) (Red Brick Government Building), run along the core facilities and parks in the center of Sapporo City (No Maps Trade Show 2017 venue Pass the soba)

· Mileage of approximately 3 km
· Scheduled to run around 15 minutes to 20 minutes

About NTT DATA and Gunma University's approach

Currently, many of the municipalities have problems such as aging of drivers in public transportation, shortage of talented personnel, increase in traffic vulnerable due to return of licenses, and introduction of new public transportation services utilizing automatic driving technology is one of the solutions It is expected as.
Since December last year, Gunma University has established the "Next Generation Mobility Society Implementation Research Center" within the university to form the center of industry, academia, government and financial cooperation innovation which will contribute to the promotion of the next generation automobile industry.
Starting with public road demonstration experiments in Kiryu City, Gunma prefecture, our Center actively develops automated driving social implementation in cooperation with companies and local governments in related fields.
As an innovator in the IT business, NTT DATA is working on solving various problems, and we are considering creating services that are aimed at future automated driving society as one of new areas of activities.
In a new public transportation service that utilizes automatic driving technology, it is necessary to introduce a mechanism that can operate safely even with unmanned operation, which is highly convenient.
Through collaborative research and demonstration experiments with Gunma University, NTT DATA examines convenience, high safety and reliable services and functions required for an automated driving society, and builds an optimal new public transportation service according to the actual circumstances of local governments · We aim to offer.
Automatic driving performance at the first public road in Sapporo city area is an opportunity for many people to feel the possibility of future driving of automated driving vehicles and at the same time, I will position it as one step.