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"Bio x Digital" Conference - The Future Fusion of the Newest Technologies -

Collaborative business
Sapporo-shi Chuo-ku Kita 4-cha West 5-chome Asti 45 A

"Bio x Digital" Conference - The Future Fusion of the Newest Technologies -

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry will hold a conference "Bio x Digital's Future Developed" on Friday, October 13 as a collaborative project with "No Maps".
Biotechnology and digital technology that continues remarkable evolution, the integration thereof, not only the medical, environmental, energy and food industries, but also the industrial production field are about to change drastically.
In this conference, we will introduce the latest technology trends, the social system that will change accordingly, and the business opportunities.


Date and time Friday, October 13, 2017 16: 30 ~ 18: 00
place ACU-A Room A (Kita 4-cha, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi, Asti 45, 16th floor)
Entry fee Free (first 200 people)
Sponsorship METI
Special cooperation No Maps Executive Committee



Part One
Keynote speech
"Current status of biotechnology (tentative name)"

Mr. Masahiro Uemura, Director of Biochemical Industry Section, Commercial Service Group, METI

Part 2
panel discussion
Masahiro Uemura
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Business Service Group Biochemical Industry Section Manager


Mr. Akihiko Kondo
Kobe University Graduate School of Science and Technology Innovation Dean
Mr. Yuhiro Tamura
(National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology) Director, Biological Process Research Institute
Mr. Water Sho
Mitsubishi Chemical Co., Ltd. Director of Bio Technology Laboratory
Mr. Shigetsu Takeda
Research Director, Research & Development Group, Hitachi, Ltd.
Yasuhiro Maeda
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Ministry of Commerce and Information Policy Bureau

How to apply

Application by E-mail is accepted.

Please enter the subject, [participation application] "" Bio × digital "conference", please clearly state the affiliation, name, contact information in the text, and send it to the following application.
※ We will not use any information you provide for any purposes other than the purpose of holding this laboratory.


Application deadline: Wednesday, October 11,