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Challenge Conference 2017 sapporo

Collaborative business
Date and time
November 3, 2017
Intercross Creative Center Cross Garden
Intercross Creative Center 2FH A
Adult / 3,000 yen college student / 1,000 yen high school student / free

Challenge Conference 2017 sapporo

International competition is intensifying in population declines, aging society and technological innovation, leading to the bankruptcy of major companies and successful experiences that have not worked well in the future, in a highly uncertainty, complicated and unreadable era It is getting.
What do we need to do in the 2020s, starting from the Tokyo Olympic Games, in this great era of change?
What is required of Sapporo where we live in order to protect our lives and the lives of our precious people?
NPO corporation Hokkaido Enbridge has been engaged in pioneering entrepreneurs in various fields such as primary industry and welfare, tourism, IT, manufacturing, with the aim of increasing the "person who creates a better future for the region" through work I have been doing activities to send college students under.
In this event, regardless of the position of a company, administration, university, college student, high school student, etc., each person living in the area will believe that "Hokkaido in the future will definitely get better" to create a future after 10 years "I want to discuss the necessary challenges" now ".
Through discussions, I hope that the participants will be able to deepen their plans for their businesses and activities in FY 2018, with a different viewpoint from the previous extensions.

Date and time 2017年11月3日(金・祝) 13:00~17:00(開場:12:30)
place Intercross Creative Center (ICC) 1 F Cross Garden
(Sapporo-shi, Shiroishi-ku Higashi Sapporo 5-1 chome 1-1)
Entry fee ● Adult / 3,000 yen
● University students / 1.000 yen
● High school student / free
※ If you do not go social gathering, it will cost 2,000 yen for adults and 500 yen for college students.
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Hosting NPO corporation Hokkaido en bridge
Aid No Maps Executive Committee, Intercross Creative Center (ICC)

Opening at 12:30
13: 00 - Opening talk
Mr. Takuji Hiroshi, Representative Director of Enpublick Corporation
Hiroyuki Hamanaka Representative Director, NPO Hokkaido En bridge
13: 20 - Now, the challenge being held in Hokkaido
※ Presentation speakers will be announced sequentially.
14: 00 - Crosstalk
Theme "Industry's NEXT STAGE (Tentative)"
14: 30 - Keynote lecture & work
Mr. Takuji Hiroshi, Representative Director of Enpublick Corporation
Theme "10 Agenda to Create the Future Ten Years"
16: 00 - Exchange meeting
17: 30 - Close
【Instructor introduction】
Enpublick Corporation
Representative Director Takuji Hiroshi
Born in 1968, he is from Osaka city. Completed Masters Degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of Tokyo. After working for the think tank (Currently Mitsubishi UFJ Research & Consulting) (current Mitsubishi UFJ Research & Consulting)), since 2001 he has been involved in nurturing social entrepreneurs at NPO ETIC.
Established Enpublick Co., Ltd. in 2008. Aiming at "a society where everyone can make a move and create a new job", develop and provide tools and practice support programs to help local and organization people bring wisdom and strength, work tools to tackle work There. We hold 200 workshops a year in our Nezu studio, Bunkyo social innovation platform, Konanami regional university, corporate community improvement program, etc.
Book "How to make a lecture to think together" 」, Nikkei Biz Academy 'serialized series' There are many writings such as 'New way of working and market opened by social business'. He is also a part-time lecturer at Keio University School of Policy Studies, Rikkyo University Graduate School 21st Century Social Design School.