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X-Tech Innovation 2018



Date and time
July 2, 2018 - January 2019
"X-Tech Innovation" is a business contest that widely recruits new services that utilize digital technology that cross industry and industry sectors. By offering matching opportunities with major companies and start-up companies, we will seek support for commercializing business ideas and exploit possibilities for existing businesses and contribute to the revitalization of regional economies.

This year, we will expand and evolve into co-hosted events in four areas of Hokkaido (Sapporo), Tohoku (Sendai), Kyushu (Fukuoka), Okinawa (Naha), excellent ideas and technologies owned by the region We will aim for efforts to bring about longitudinal innovation in Japan.

All district common theme: Local × Tech = LocaTech (Locatech)

Transformation by digital (digital transformation) is required only in the region and the region. Now that the declining birthrate and the aging of the population has resulted in a declining workforce and depopulation, improvement in productivity is an urgent issue facing the region. Utilizing digital, we will recruit new services and business ideas that will cover limited labor and contribute to the value-added of attractive local resources.

Hokkaido area theme: "Tourism" "Food"

We are looking for IoT to accelerate business, ideas and services using technology, with the theme of "tourism" and "food" which are rooted in Hokkaido.

Flow of the contest / examination method

  • Primary screening (documents)
    Comprehensively judge the content of service / business idea, the value brought, the possibility of contribution to business / regional revitalization of local companies, innovation etc. based on the information registered for participation
  • Secondary screening (interview)
    In addition to the perspective of primary screening, comprehensive judgment of feasibility of service / business idea, development possibility, approach attitude toward commercialization, operability in case of operable application / mockup
  • Final contest (pitch battle)
    Presentation of contents / provision value / characteristics etc of service / business ideas in contest form, comprehensively judging the benefits, innovation brought about · possibility of contribution to local business enterprise · regional revitalization etc., Conduct awards
  • Exchange meeting (joint holding)
    Held a matching event for winners only in mid-January 2019 at DIAGONAL RUN TOKYO, an open innovation co-creation base established by FFG in Tokyo


July 2 Start accepting registration for participation
August 24 Deadline for registration
Early September Primary selection result notification (E-mail)
※ We will separately inform the schedule and place of the secondary screening for those who passed the first screening
In early October Second round of selection
· Hokkaido area: meeting in Hokkaido or Tokyo
· Tohoku area: interview in Tohoku or Tokyo
· Kyushu district: meeting in Fukuoka or Tokyo
· Okinawa district: meeting in Okinawa or Tokyo
Late October Secondary screening result notification (E-mail)
December 6 Final selection (pitch battle)
Kyushu area: Presentation in Fukuoka
Hokkaido area: Presentation in Sapporo
Okinawa District: Presentation in Naha
Tohoku area: Presentation in Sendai
Mid January 2019 Exchange meeting (scheduled for winners limited matching event)

Application method

Please enter the required items on the application form in the official web page below, please apply.
We may ask you to provide additional information from the organizer after receiving your entry.
Recruitment period: July 2 - 2018 to August 24

Contest details · contact address


Organized (co-hosted)
Hokkaido Bank, Ltd., Shichuan Bank, Ltd., Fukuoka Financial Group, Okinawa Bank, Ltd.