A multinational live event that turns musicians and customers from point to line through music around the world beyond genres, words and borders "CROSS POINT」。

This time it was formed in Taiwan " GoodBand", A singer-songwriter who performs activities mainly in Sapporo" Naka nigiruku "2We held an acoustic live with a group.

"Good news GoodBand"Was formed by lead singer Joan Wen and guitarist Kwan Chin,2016Year8It was released on the moon "My Girlfriend Youth Gift ((Youth to You ) 'S lead song "My Girlfriend Youth Spirited Away"YouTubeThe number of views280It is a popular artist that records the number of views over 10,000 times.

"Naka ​​ni Riku" is a guitar1A bohemian type singer-songwriter that goes anywhere with books.

We sing a lot of bittersweet sweet bitter sweet songs interwoven with familiar husky voices and delicate falsettes. It has a reputation for live performances such as the music world which makes the landscape in front of the eyes like a movie altogether, playing in the piano and collaborative performance,RISING SUN ROCK FESTIVAL,oto to tabiAppeared in festivals such as. In recent years it is an artist active in various fields such as offering music and film appearance.

Such a wonderful2The group "CROSS POINTPlease enjoy it with an acoustic set unique to you.

Schedule February 20, 2018
time 19:00〜
place MIRAI.ST cafe & kitchen Sapporo-shi Chuo-ku Minami 3-chome West 5-1 1-1 Norbesa 1F
Fee free Please order one drink at the entrance.
Co-organized No Maps Executive Committee MIRAI.ST cafe & kitchen
Contact Us No Maps Executive Committee TEL:011-812-2000