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Car Experience Classroom Experience

Collaborative business
October 8th (Sunday) 10: 15-12: 30/13: 15-15: 30

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(Advance registration system)

Car Experience Classroom Experience

In order to promote understanding of next-generation automobiles such as automatic driving and electric vehicles (EV) and the automobile industry etc., learning the mechanism of automatic driving of automobiles for elementary school students and guardians in Hokkaido, experiences of advanced safety technology etc. Holding "Car Experience Classroom for Future" held!

We are waiting for application from the 2nd to 6th grade elementary school and the parents' participation application. (Advance registration system)

Date and time 2017年10月8日(日)10:15~12:30/13:15~15:30
place Hokkaido Agency Red Brick Government Building 2nd floor No. 1 meeting room and main building south side parking lot

(North 3rd West West 6th Street, Chuo-ku, Sapporo)

Sponsorship Hokkaido Public Utility Association Automotive Engineering Association Hokkaido Branch · Kanto Branch, Hokkaido EV Research and Utilization Research Group (NEVS)
Contents Greeting from the organizer

· Description of Electric Vehicle (Nekel)

· Lecture on automatic driving

· LEGO kit classroom

· Advanced safety technology experience · EV test drive

Target Elementary school students in Hokkaido (second to sixth graders) and a total of 24 guardians 48 people * In case of a large number of applicants, draw
Entry fee free
Official site
Application method · Application deadline: September 26, 2007 (Tue) must arrive

· Application method: Describe prescribed items on return shipping postcards (Application will be limited to round-trip postcards.)

· Application location: "Human-centered car experience classroom" in the Industry Promotion Division, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Hokkaido


· This initiative is a business in cooperation with No Maps. Moreover, it is to implement as a support plan for Hokkaido 150 years project.

Inquiries Industry Promotion Division Industrial Promotion Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Hokkaido Monodzukuri Industry Group
9th Hoku 3-chome west chuo-ku Chuo-ku, Sapporo, 060-8588 Hokkaido Government building main building 9th floor
TEL 011-204-5336 (direct) 011-231-4111 (extension 26-813)
FAX 011-232-2139