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FONS 6UP x No Maps
Date and time
Friday, October 13, 2017
OPEN 18: 30 / START 19: 00
Sapporo-shi Chuo-ku Minami 2-chome west 1 - chome 6-1 Hiwa Building 2F A
No Maps Music Pass 1 day ticket (13th) Advancement ¥ 2900 That day ¥ 3500

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FONS 6UP x No Maps

A live event "FONS (Find Out New Sensation)" co-held by WESS and FM NORTH WAVE.
Musicians pursuing new music and music that is not in you!

【Important notice】
  • When exchanging tickets and wristbands, we will charge you a drink fee separately.
  • Drink tickets or coins purchased at the venue can only be used at the venue.
  • We will exchange tickets and wrist bands at each venue.




Appearance artist

Elephant Gym

Mass rock band from Taiwan · Kaohsiung. Formed in 2012. The members are brothers of Zhang Kai Xiang (Tell Chang) <Guitar, Piano, Synthesizer>, Zhang Kai (KT, KT Chang) <Bass> brother and sister, Tu Chia-Chin <Drums, Percussion>. Early from that technical play, the song full of sense based mainly on bass sound called reputation, appeared in numerous festivals. It is also selected for music recording and MV of major artists. At the Japan tour (TOKYO, Nagoya, Osaka) who toured in the autumn of 2014, excellent performances and performances were highly evaluated, some performances were sold out, CDs prepared were sold out all over the place and it was a great success finished. He appeared in summer sonic in 2016, and has been playing in Japan in June 2017.


Founded in 2012, FLUX is composed of main vocal work bells, guitar politics, guitar enemies. In 2016 we released the first album "Multiplayer viewing" and quickly got a topic from each industry. And the 28th Taiwan's best album award "Gold Prize" popular band May May and Kodo Southern Faction nominate for Best Newcomer Award and Best Group, and will be nominated for Best Kanon Prize Electro music album. Legacy Open live alone in Taipei and Taichung, 3D live is held with 3D polarization technology of the first stage in operation. After the Taipei performance, he got a hot topic and caught the eye of 【Yahoo Live broadcasting】 and 【KKBOX live broadcasting】, live broadcast of Taichung live showed office box income results clearly.


Magnolian is a solo project by Mongolian indie folk singer songwriter Dulguun Bayasgalan. The 1st single "Someday" released in September 2015, which featured his girlfriend as a vocalist, ranked in the top 20 of the local alternative chart and was admired as an indie sound reminiscent of The Strokes and Vivian Girls It was. The 1st EP "Famous Men" released the following year was noticed not only in Mongolian domestic media, but also in foreign music scenes, and was selected as the monthly best underground album at the famous American "Nerdist" cultural site, and gained high evaluation. In 2016, he performed his first overseas showcase live in Korea, and in March the following year he played in SXSW, the world's largest music fair.

The Cynical Store

Start in August 2016. November 28 released the independent production board "ep". Handling starts with Osaka 's FLAKE RECORDS etc. On December 18th we held a release party at Sapporo PROVO. Mobilizing 100 people while voluntarily planning. "Ep" is decided to develop the Tower Records Sapporo Pivo store. On January 25, 2017, we line up at stores and sell 100 cards for a period of less than a month with limited sale. He appeared in Music Festival 2 "" OTO TO TABI 2017 "" at Art Forest Art Hall on March 11. I will perform with a famous lineup of artists. Currently I continue to create for the 1st full album, spreading activities.

Ryu Matsuyama

Piano three piece band. Ryu (piano · vocal) born in Italy and raised in Italy started band activities as "Ryu Matsuyama" in 2012. In 2014, Jackson (drum) is added to Tsuru (base) which is a member from the beginning of formation, and it becomes a current member.