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Mobike started from Sapporo city. Presentation of utilization of big data of demonstration at No Maps

Date and time
2017年8月22日(火) 開場 13:00 〜


Sapporo City Kita 3 Square Square [Akapura]

Mobike started from Sapporo city. Presentation of utilization of big data of demonstration at No Maps

Mobike (Mobaiku) which develops a shared bike by its own IoT bicycle, on August 22, "Sapporo city center"Sapporo City Kita 3 Square Square [Akapura]We will hold a launch event for the first time in Japan.

For Mobike (Motobike), the introduction city has exceeded 150 cities in 15 months from the start of business, and in China, Singapore, the UK and Italy continue to service in Japan as the fifth country in the world. Domestically, MOBYC · Japan Co., Ltd. operates it.

Empirical experiment through No Maps Future Lab, Social Implementation Project
Presentation of utilization of big data of mobility and demonstration at No Maps
Adjusting industry, government and academia towards the use of Mobility and Big Data

 No Maps(10月5日~開催/主催:No Maps実行委員会)は、「新しい価値・文化・社会の姿」を提案する技術やサービスの社会的な実証実験の場を提供をめざす『No Maps Future Lab』として札幌・北海道を“実証実験・社会実装の聖地”とすべくうまれ、産官学連携した連絡調整会議をもうけています。これにより、さまざまな実証実験・社会実装の要望にどこよりも早く答えられる地域を目指していきます。

Through this No Maps Future Lab (coordination meeting) I have coordinated Mobike Japan Co., Ltd. (Mobaiku) with private companies in Hokkaido and meetings with administrative agencies. Mobaik is used as ICT bicycle with GPS and data communication more than 5 million units worldwide, more than 25 million times a day. We are proceeding with preparations to procure the data of the demonstration experiment area where Mobaik will start, to coordinate with the Motorbike, Sapporo City, the Sapporo City Foundation and the Sapporo Industry Promotion Foundation to provide "Sapporo City ICT Utilization Platform".

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We are rooted in the local area and we will promote localization tailored to various parts of Japan.

Established Mobaike Japan Co., Ltd., a Japanese branch office in June 2017. We have been preparing while negotiating with local governments and private business operators.

In Sapporo City which will be launched this time, we will be promoting "Sapporo Drug Store Co., Ltd." which conducts the drug store business, "Secoma Co., Ltd." which operates Seicomart of the convenience store chain, confectionary maker "Ishiya confectionery corporation" We will set up a motorbike parking space under the cooperation of community-based companies such as "Fujii Building Co., Ltd." for building and real estate management. We also aim to become a service that is easier to use for users by establishing partnerships with various companies.

We are also in talks with Sapporo City, the General Foundation Corporation Sapporo Industry Promotion Foundation, and the No Maps Executive Committee to deliver big data originating from mobiles to the "Sapporo City ICT Utilization Platform".


It is a service that finds neighboring Mobike through the Mobike application and realizes that you can get off freely at the motorbike parking space near the destination. Mobike will enlighten correct usage and will send out.

<Launch event>

Date and time Tuesday, August 22
Venue Sapporo City Kita 3 Square Plaza [Acapula] / New Otani Inn Sapporo (Forum held)
Event content ・体験会について:13時~(予定) General experience (free)

You can do general locking application experience in the Akapura venue, Mobike's driving experience and photo shooting.

·Business Forum: 13: 30 - 15: 30 / New Otani Inn Sapporo

Explain that Mobaik has changed in the world while reading about the sharing economy now

· Launch · Event: 16 o'clock - 17 o'clock (Invitation system)

Partners, guests, explanation to the media ※ and tape cutting are planned.

Experience meeting  無料で体験いただけます。
Business forum  Regional business activity forum by sharing economy

<Free of participation fee>

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