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"A new image appreciation experience created by" Ontenna "device which feels sound with hair and" Noise "which focuses on sync of sound and image

Date and time
October 10, 2017 (Tue)
Opening 18: 30 Screening 19: 00 ~ 21: 00
Dinos Cinemas Sapporo Theater No. 2 Screen
Free (advance advance application required)

"A new image appreciation experience created by" Ontenna "device which feels sound with hair and" Noise "which focuses on sync of sound and image

Somehow it tells people with hearing disabilities to music, sound, sound quality, timbre and sound out of the film, officially screened as "No Maps / FILM SCREENING" I can not do, I will realize such a feeling with Ontenna (Onena) whether I can not deliver a new movie experience to many people with never before.
No Maps is a new challenge that No Maps will do as a place for "creation of new value" how much you can enjoy and enjoy "Noise" sticking to the fine nuances of the sound by the vibration of Ontenna feeling in the hair.

Date and time Opening Tuesday, October 10, 2017 18:30 Screening 19: 00-21: 00
Venue Dinos Cinemas Sapporo Theater No. 2 Screen
(7 - 8F, 8, 1 - chome South 3, Chuo - ku, Sapporo - shi)
Entry fee Free (advance advance application required)
Application method Please apply from this form

  • Because of the limited number of Ontenna, it will be experienced only for some customers.
  • Customers using Ontenna will decide in advance here. please note that.
  • As a new movie experience combining Ontenna and Noise, we will shoot "Production Process Video" with a pattern of development process / screening at screening. We will shoot photos / videos etc. by the staff including the interview before and after the screening for visitors, and will release at the Ontenna / Noise / No Maps site and so on at a later date. Please participate in the screening when you participate in the screening.
  • Since subtitles are attached to the whole Noise, people without hearing disabilities can enjoy works even without Ontenna.
  • There is no guidance by voice, so it will be appreciated by subtitles with Ontenna.
  • We can participate for free even non-hearing people. Please apply.


Screened work "Noise"

No Maps / FILM SCREENING (Special Screening Work) "Noise"
A group image play inspired by the Akihabara indiscriminate killing case. Victims of the incident · Bereaved families of the victim · Those who may have become perpetrators · People who may have existed · · · from a variety of people's point of view, desperate even from a hopeless desire A feature length drawing depicting the feelings of the characters who are heading to live.
Director Yusaku Matsumoto is up and coming. This work will be the debut film theatrical release movie. "Noise" includes the 41st Montreal World Film Festival (Canada), the 25th Raindance Film Festival (UK), the 14th SKIP City International D Cinema Film Festival (Japan), the Camera Japan Festival (the Netherlands) It has been officially invited to many film festivals.
Appearances include Shinozaki Kokoro, Koji Koibashi, Hiroyuki Suzuki, Takashi Nishina, Urara Anjo, Hiroshi Fuse
Producing music during play is the next generation attention track maker / DJ's banvox. In addition to providing the theme song "Save Me", he also produced music during the play. This work sticks to the nuance of music, sound, sound effect, fine sound, and it has become a work that movies and music synchronize in a borderless manner.
■ Movie Noise Official WEB:

Ontenna (Onena)

A device that Fujitsu develops as a new project, a device that wears on the hair like a hairpin and tells the user the characteristics of sound by vibration and light to the user "Ontenna (Onena)." As a new user interface for making the lives of people with hearing disabilities more comfortable, it has been developed with the concept of "a device that can sense the sound with hair so that the beard of a cat feels the flow of air" .
■ Ontenna Official WEB:

Application method

This formPlease apply in advance.

Contact Information

No Maps Executive Committee: TEL 011-812-2000 / Mail