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Open Data Symposium 2017 in Sapporo

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Date and time
October 2, 2017 (Monday)

Open Data Symposium 2017 in Sapporo

Utilization of Open & Big Data by the General Association · Local Development Creation Organization (VLED) holds an annual open data symposium since 2012 in order to deepen the understanding of open data and promote efforts.
This year was held in Sapporo city.
In December 2016 the "Basic Law for Promotion of the Utilization of Public and Private Data" was enacted and enacted, and the government and local governments started to create a plan to promote the utilization of public and private data, so the movement on data utilization by both the public and private sectors has become active.
In this year's symposium, we will introduce the latest developments concerning open data and data utilization, mainly about the aim of "Basic Law on Promotion of Public-Private Data Utilization", and items to be addressed by public and private sectors in the future.

Date and time October 2, 2017 (Monday) 13: 30-17: 00 (13:00 opening)
place Hokkaido University academic exchange hall auditorium
Sapporo City Kita-ku North 8-west North 5-chome (JR "Sapporo station" get off at 10 minutes on foot)
Entry fee free
Sponsorship Utilization of open and big data of general corporation foundation · Regional Creation Promotion Organization (VLED)
Ministry of Public Management
Cooperation Sapporo
Support Open Knowledge Japan, General Corporate Corporation Code for Japan, Open Corporates Japan, Public Transport Open Data Council, General Association Hokkaido Open Data Promotion Council, No Maps Executive Committee, Sapporo Open Data Council, General Foundation Sapporo Industry Promotion Foundation


13:00 開場・受付開始
13:30 開会
13:30-13:35 開会挨拶
Mr. Masahiko Fujimoto, General Communications Division, Hokkaido
13:35-14:20 基調講演
Mr. Ken Sakamura, VLED Chairperson
14:20-14:50 政府及び総務省の取組紹介
Mr. Masato Yoshida (Director, Information and Communication), General Affairs Bureau, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
14:50-15:05 休憩

15:05-15:20 VLEDの活動紹介
VLED Secretariat Mr. Fumihisa Murakami
15:20-16:55 パネルディスカッション
Mr. Ichihashi Ichihashi Department Manager, ICT Strategy Promotion Department Policy Planning Department, Sapporo City Community Planning Policy Bureau
General President Hokkaido Open Data Promotion Council President /
Mr. Hiroyuki Itoh, Representative Director of Krypton Future Media, Inc.
Professor Takeshi Koshikatsu University of Tokyo
Mr. Masato Yoshida (Director, Information and Communication), General Affairs Bureau, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
Progress: VLED Secretariat (Mitsubishi Research Institute) Mr. Fumihisa Murakami
16:55-17:00 閉会挨拶
Mayor of Sapporo Mr. Katsuhiro Akimoto
17:00 閉会

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