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<Special conference>

STEAMS Education Project "School with no place"

Date and time
Friday, October 13, 2017
Sapporo Ekimichori Underground Walking Space (Chi Ka · Ho)
<Special conference>

STEAMS Education Project "School with no place"

International mathematics Olympic gold medalist Sachiko Nakajima × world fastest female car racer Keiko Ihara

Two women who have been active in the world's highest peaks talk about the forms and cases of education and learning necessary for 100 years of turbulent life and the STEAMS educational project "open school with no place".


Keiko Ihara

Car Racer / Associate Professor, Graduate School of Media Design, Keio University In 2014, it was the first time for a female to win the podium of the world's best car race · WEC World Endurance Championship, the overall win in Le Mans series. As the female racer, he earned the world's highest rank. Besides race battle, I participate in educational activities such as English education activities in the area and Keio University College. Also, with the automobile industry and municipalities, we are focusing on developing infrastructure for environmental vehicles and creating an environment where women are more likely to be active. Received the National Strategy Minister's Prize as a "Japanese who plays an active part in the world and disseminates" Japan "from the Minister of State and Government of the Cabinet of Japan and is published in textbooks used at junior and senior high schools. Member of the Asia Council member of the FIA ​​International Automobile Federation, Members of the Industrial Structure Council of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan House Advisory Committee, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Olympic and Paralympic Number Members of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Mie Prefectural Policy Advisor.

Nakajima Sachiko (jazz pianist · composer · STEAM educator)

Jazz pianist · Composer · mathematician · STEAMS educator 国際数学オリンピック金メダリスト(日本人女性唯一)。東京大学在学中にジャズに出会い、卒業後音楽活動開始。 ピアニスト故本田竹広氏に師事。2005年渋さ知らズオーケストラでロシア・欧州ツアーに参加し、世界のさまざまな音楽フェスティバルに出演。 現在は演奏・作曲、数学研究の他、数学・音楽の全国講演や STEAM = STEM + Art ワークショップ・執筆・登壇、数理女子支援など多彩に活動中。 著書『人生を変える「数学」そして「音楽」』(講談社)他。アルバム“Rejoice”、”希望の花 –Flower Of Hope– “他。 日経 College Cafe 『数学×音楽=創造!』連載中。 TEDxTodai "Composing Your Own Music, Math, and Life!"他。 米日財団『日米リーダーシッププログラム』フェロー。steAm, Inc. 代表。2017年11月より東京大学大学院数理科学研究科特別研究員。

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