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Supported by 43 FORCE RECORDS
Date and time
Friday, October 13, 2017, 19:30
Alife sapporo
Aoyama Building (Former Taiki Bill) South 1 4 West 6 Chome Chuo-ku Sapporo, Hokkaido 064-0804 B1F A
No Maps Music Pass 1 day ticket (13th) Advancement ¥ 2900 That day ¥ 3500

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Entry to other contents to be held on 13th is also possible.
L code: 13111
P code: 561 - 346
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Supported by 43 FORCE RECORDS

The hip-hop event that turns Sapporo 's night town into a special paradise for only one night is "STONED PARADISE". Hip-hop crews representing local street scenes will welcome guests of interest in Sapporo who are making the next generation scene of Tokyo hot. Enjoy their HIP HOP as CULTURE events that are going through the words, music, fashion, lifestyle, everything goes through.

【Notification of cast change】
  • One person MONYPETZJNKMN of appearance, JNKMN canceled the appearance due to various circumstances. Instead of JNKMN, it will be the appearance of "kZm from YENTOWN" in a hurry.
  • Please note that tickets can not be refunded due to cast changes.

【Important notice】
  • When exchanging tickets and wristbands, we will charge you a drink fee separately.
  • At alife sapporo you will receive a drink fee separately even at re-entry.
  • Drink tickets or coins purchased at the venue can only be used at the venue.
  • Because it includes late-night events, we will check the age of all visitors. Please show "Identity card with photo" in the name of yourself.
  • We will exchange tickets and wrist bands at each venue. At that time, due to the events that will be held at midnight, we will check the age in the following way. please note that

● About ID / ID check
· We will do ID check for all adult guests to verify adult age. Please bring your identity card with your name in your name (driver's license, passport, student card, Juki card, alien registration card).
· Age can be confirmed even with presenting the combination of the following (all of which are within the validity period)
 ◯健康保険証 + 銀行のキャッシュカード
 ◯健康保険証 + 学生証(印字のもののみ)
 ◯健康保険証 + taspo(タスポ)
 ◯銀行のキャッシュカード + 学生証(印字のもののみ)

  • Minor's customers (over 18 years old to under 20 years old · unable to enter high school students), please leave at 22 o'clock.
  • Drinking alcohol "and" smoking "of underage customers are strictly prohibited.




Appearance artist


1988年札幌生まれ、神奈川県育ち。14歳からラップを書き始める。根無し草のように日本各地、果てはシンガポールを転々とし、路傍の詩人としてスタートする宿命を背負った彼ならではのワードセンスと胸に刺さる詩情溢れるリリックは、香取慎吾、尾崎豊さんの長男でシンガーソングライターの尾崎裕哉、湘南乃風の若旦那、また海を越えて韓国のラップスターiKON など、作詞オファーも後を絶たないが、ラップという音楽スタイルもあり、ある意味では代官山のセレクトショップのような、”知る人ぞ知るシンガーソングライター”だったブルー(=INDIGO)の色彩を帯びた孤高のカリスマは、衝撃のデビューアルバム『In My Shoes』から5年かけて、ホームベース=ATSUGIから世界が注目する特殊性と多様性に満ちたこのTOKYOを五感で感じながら、競争と嘘が横行するこの街に転がる世界に羽ばたくチャンスを、本腰を入れて掴みにいこうとする意気込みと成長がうかがえる。 2017年5月にリリースした4枚目のアルバム『INDIGO』をリリース。自身がセルフプロデュースした本作には、SALUが注目している最新系HIP HOPユニットで最注目の男女デュオ、ゆるふわギャング、そして、札幌時代の盟友FRAME a.k.a FAKE ID for Refugeecampらも客演している。

Yuwowed gang

Yuwowed gang

Official Site

Yuwowed gang

Male and female rap duo by Ryugo Ishida and Sophiee and a hip-hop unit by producer Automatic. In the summer of 2016 he formed Yufuwa Gang and the music video "Fuckin 'Car" announced shortly afterwards was tweeted by Major Lazor' s Diplo and taken up in US media as well. The first album "Mars Ice House" announced in April 2017 is highly evaluated by critics, such as ranked in "100 Hip Hop Best in Japan" as a music magazine. Even cool visuals are gaining attention, and they are also appointed for tie-ups of brands such as Nike.


Unit consisting of three people, MonyHorse, PETZ, Junkman, representing next generation hip hop crew, YENTOWN, appeared from Tokyo's street scene. In 2016, three people released the mini album "Up" and "Down" in the name of MONYPETZJNKMN in succession in February and April. In August I announced EP "roar" to catch up, and gathered topics. While further breaks are expected in the future, in May 2017, full release of the full album "Lei" physical release. Attention and degree of interest and popularity of those who have changed the view of the street have been increasing day by day.


Lazy simon, DOMINO-P, FAKE ID aka FRAME, MC Matsushima, Jazadocument, Hashimoto Jazzyhiphop, DJ WHITEY JAP, DOPE and others belong to Hip hop crew who works based in Sapporo, Hokkaido. Rappers, beat makers, designers and other members born in the 87 years mainly composed. The high quality of mixtape "VHS" released independently in 2013 and "VHS 2" released in 2014 will become a hot topic in the scene, winning a sure prop from the stakeholders and good houses. Each solo activity is also active, release works, participating works are enormous numbers. Sapporo's sense that is different from anyone in the land is exactly Fresh, staging where each direction is crossover with different directionality is unparalleled nationwide. In addition, in the scene of Hokkaido and Sapporo, it has an overwhelming presence, the top of the next generation and exclusive rumors. In 2016 I released the long-awaited 1st Full Album "Raise The Flag". It would not be an exaggeration to say Crew, which is now the most remarkable eye.

Makoto Manami

Makoto Manami

Makoto Manami

In the late 90's, I will do project with Brooklyn Hip Hop rapper such as Back Home DJ of Group Home's European tour, Japan tour DJ of Jeru the Damaja, and music production with Afura. After that, I will pause DJ activity for a while, but restarted in collaboration with Nosaj Thing, a heavyweight producer in the LA hip hop world that produces Kendrick Lamar, Chance the Rapper, Kid Cudi etc from around 2010. Guest appearances at Timetable Records events sponsored by Nosaj, Front Lotus, Squarepusher, Underworld front act etc are also active beyond hip-hop boundaries. She is acting worldwide including appearing at music festivals around the world including Barcelona Sonar Festival and Coachella Festival.

Many other artists appear besides this!
@ Main Floor

DJ KAP-40 / DJ TAKATO / DJ Syeeyz


@ Lounge Floor


さらに深夜2:00からは「GENRE BNDR PARTY」を開催!

2: 00 ~ @ Main Floor
IKU / TEK with Special Guest?? / REN / YOU-KI / KEKKE / ARIMA / MR.SYN 

2: 00 ~ @ Lounge Floor
KEKKE & OKI with friends / TAMA & IKU with friends / REN & YOU-KI with friends