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Unity Dojo Sapporo Special 2

Collaborative business
Date and time
2017年10月8日(日) 開場 9:30 / 開演 10:00


Hokkaido Information College 8th Floor
Entry fee
General 3,000 yen Student (university, specialty etc) 1,000 yen less than high school student free

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Unity Dojo Sapporo Special 2

Seminar "Unity Dojo" Special Intensive to Learn Unity's Skills Intensively!


The Unity Dojo is a lecture event where various sessions for the Unity users and introductions of development cases are conducted. We also plan a social gathering where the speakers and the visitors can interact. Since it will be the few official conferences to be held outside Tokyo, engineers and artists who wish to learn Unity residing near Sapporo should come and take this opportunity!


Date and time Sunday, October 8, 2017 10: 00 ~ 18: 00 (opening 9: 30)
Venue Hokkaido Information College 8th Floor
(Kikusui 6 - chome 3 - chome Shiroishi Ward, Sapporo City, Hokkaido)
Entry fee General 3,000 yen Students (university, specialty etc) 1,000 yen Below high school students 0 yen ※ Free
Application method Peatix pagePlease apply from
credit Cooperation: Unity Technologies Japan LLC
Special cooperation: No Maps Executive Committee


Session content

※ We will add additional ones as we decide in the future


① Timeline utilization technique for artists

(Yuusuke Ike Wada, Unity Technologies Japan Joint venture Evangelist)


Timeline is a long-awaited official sequencing tool for Unity. It is a very useful function from the aspect of efficient development of development and division of labor with artists, by strongly supporting the overall performance in time series such as cut scenes and tutorial demonstrations in the game. In this session, we will start with an overview of Timeline and explain practical usage using demonstration.


② Let's make cool screens with characters! Yes, if TextMesh Pro

(Unity Technologies Japan Joint venture Evangelist Tatsuhiko Yamamura)


Text rendering asset "TextMesh Pro" which became available free of charge recently. By using this popular asset, not only simple character display but also beautiful production and interesting expression became possible. In this session, we will introduce not only the function introduction of TextMesh Pro, but also the way to express the skin using TextMesh Pro.


③ Let's use random numbers! Programming techniques that give rivals a difference

(Yuji Yasuhara Field Engineer, Unity Technologies Japan Limited Companies)


Excellent game program, it is not only the processing speed that the difference appears. Expression is different by using detailed technique. This time I will spot a random number, I will talk about its features, notes, and application examples. Random number is the basis of game basic. Even for games you are creating, you can learn techniques that you can use right away!


④ Technology to remember before optimizing

(Yusuke Kurokawa, Unity Technologies Japan Japan Limited Developer Relations Manager / Engineer)


From the basic idea such as "What should we do beforehand for effective optimization?" "What kind of idea should we optimize?", We will tell you how to use the Profiler I would like to go. The way to introduce in this lecture is the knowledge gained through the Japanese enterprise team. I will not introduce optimization techniques themselves, but by learning the way of thinking, it will be useful for optimization.


※ Parking can not be used. Please use public transportation or nearby pay parking lot.


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