Please use the northern land as a place for demonstration and implementation of technology that creates a new society! !

NoMaps aims to make Sapporo and Hokkaido “sacred ground for demonstration experiments and social implementation”
We have set up the "NoMaps Future Lab" to be a one-stop point for consultation.

[To all of you who are considering demonstration experiments and social implementation of advanced technology]

NoMaps confidently recommends using Sapporo / Hokkaido as a field of demonstration experiment and social implementation, and fully supports the movement towards the experiment / implementation of the company or research institution of interest.
The "NoMaps Future Lab" coordinates with various actors, enabling smooth and positive adjustments.

Reasons why we recommend demonstration experiments and social implementation in Sapporo and Hokkaido!

  1. Speedy adjustment is possible than any area
  2. Can provide multi-faceted exposure
  3. Strong appeal to media is possible

What NoMaps Future Lab Can Support

・ Coordination with government agencies related to the project (license, deregulation, request for cooperation, etc.)

-Request for cooperation from regional companies, organizations, educational institutions, etc. necessary for the implementation of the project

・ Proposal of project development in various projects implemented by NoMaps

・ Cooperation to plan suggestion such as trust business for supporting experiment ・ society implementation ・ assistance business

・ Information dispatch of project as NoMaps such as official homepages

・ Press releases to various media including media partners, disseminating information in press releases, etc.


※ NoMaps will not bear the cost of implementing the project itself. Please note.

※ We will consult with NoMaps for the support depending on the level of support.

[To all who are interested in co-creation efforts]

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"NoMaps co-creation platform" for the purpose of bringing together various technologies and know-how by sharing various ideas with common thought, and creating speed by forming approaches in order to build a better society Install ".

NoMaps has supported demonstration experiments for various companies and research institutes until now, but by using each technology, know-how, enthusiasm and thought, we connect multiple companies, research institutes, or local governments etc. We felt that we should be able to create more effective efforts by doing something.

And I thought that NoMaps could play the role of "connecting". Join the "NoMaps Co-creation Platform" and start the challenge of creating a new society with new partners.

Platform role

・ Create a relationship that allows collaboration (co-creation) anytime
・ We carry out discussion in casuals and coordinate cooperation to bring in technology and know-how of each company, group, product and solve according to local problem, social problem
-Form a project team with multiple companies, organizations, and local governments, etc., and aim for product out (testing experiment, social implementation) with a sense of speed


This platform is 【Registration】. If you are interested in joining, please contact the NoMaps Future Lab representative.

【Consultation ・ Inquiry】

NoMaps Future Lab(In charge: Sato)

TEL: 011-812-2000

〒 003-0005 Shiroishi-ku, Sapporo Higashi Sapporo 5-Jo 1-chome 1-1

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