The 14th Sapporo International Short Film Festival

Date: 2019/06/25


The outline of the 14th Sapporo International Short Film Festival (NoMaps 2019 | FILM) will be announced as follows.


The 14th Sapporo International Short Film Festival
14th Sapporo International Short Film Festival & Market
Common name
SAPPORO Short Fest 2019

Implementation period

Date: October 16th (Wed)-20th (Sun) / (* Scheduled) November 2nd (Sat)-4th (Mon, Holiday): 8 days (scheduled)
Nominations Screening: October 17 (Thu)-20 (Sun)
・ Award winning film / Special screening: (* Scheduled) November 2 (Saturday)-4 (Mon.)
* Schedule for November is planned.
Main schedule
October 16 (Wed): Opening event
October 17th (Thu)-20th (Sun): Nominations screened
18th (Fri): All night screening (midnight from 18th to the morning of 19th)
20th (Sun): Nominations Screening & Awards Ceremony

November 2 (Sat)-4 (Mon, Congratulation): Winner / Special Screening (* Planned)
* Schedule for November is planned.

Ticket / admission ticket(plans)

【Advance ticket】
1 program ticket: 1,000 yen
3 program ticket: 2,500 yen
VIP ticket (20 pieces): 8,000 yen
VIP coupon (20 pieces) with reservation right: 10,000 yen (planned)

【Tickets for today】
1 pro: 1,500 yen
3 pro: 3,500 yen
All night admission ticket: 3,500 yen (until from 22:00 to around 7:00)


Screening: Main venue Sapporo Plaza 2/5 (2nd 5th / 2nd 5th Street in Chuo-ku, Sapporo City), others (planned)
Event: Event Space EDiT (Minami 2, Nishi 6 Chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo City) (Planned)

Program screening summary (planned)

International Program (Competition): 6 programs
National Program (Competition): 3 programs
Family & Children Program (Competition): 1 Program
Japan Panorama Program (Out of Competition): 2 programs
Hokkaido selection (out of competition): 1 program
Other special screening programs

SSF2019 Number of international competition applications (2019 0514)

・ 3,661 works from 104 countries and regions
・ The country to be applied for the first time is Yemen
・ Domestic work: 224 works (2018: 272), Hokkaido 24 works (2018: 41)
・ Most countries are from the top, France, Korea, USA, Germany, Iran
-Entry genre: Fiction (63%), Animation (13%), Documentary (12%), Experimental (9%)

International Jury

Mamoru Oshii Profile
Film director | Director. A director debut with Tatsunoko Production's TV animation. The movie version "GHOST IN THE SHELL" (95), which was released simultaneously in Japan and the United Kingdom, had a major impact on James Cameron, the Wachowski brothers, and other famous overseas directors. In addition, since "red glasses", he has been aggressively challenging to a large number of live-action films such as "Avalon". Other major directing works include "The Mobile Police Patlabor" and "The Sky Crawlers".
Oshii Mamoru HP:

Ben Thompson Profile
Tribeca Film Festival | Short film programmer. After graduating from a university in England, he participated in the Tribeca Film Festival launched by actor Robert De Niro and film producer Jane Rosenthal in NY. Incumbent since 2010. He also directed and produced short films and documentaries and has been screened at several film festivals.
Tribeca Film Festival Official Website:

Another one will be scheduled

The 14th Sapporo International Short Film Festival / SSF 2019 Main Visual

Visual production

[Illustration] Hiroyuki Kurahashi (Kurohashi Hiroyuki)
Art director, illustrator (9B design representative) Sapporo city design school, through a design production production 2005 independence. Around Sapporo. While contracting with design and advertising as a designer and art director mainly in Sapporo, he also works as an illustrator. I'm challenging in various fields and expressions regardless of specific genres.

[Art Direction Design] Ryuichi Kawajiri
Art director, graphic designer (Dezain)