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To media staff responsible for media companies

About press release
First of all[Media coverage summary] (PDF file, explanation on how to apply for coverage and notes)Please read through after reading.

Regarding coverage during the exhibition, we will accept it by advance application in order to avoid confusion.
Please fill in the necessary information on the gather application form and apply by the day before the news gathering date. After confirming the content of the interview, we will contact you about the availability after adjusting the site.
First of all, I would like to request an interview.
* When you apply, in automatic response mail"Official Guidebook PDF Version", "List of Business List Extracted Materials", "Attachment Application Documents for Tikaho Interview"I will send you.

※ There are restrictions on the number of people who can interview. Please note that we will respond in order of application.

After checking coverage contentWe will contact you as soon as possible and we will send you the delivery method of the press.
If you do not have applications in advance or if the person in charge etc has been changed immediately before, we may not be able to give you.

【How to apply】
Official Guide (PDF 14M)
Regarding Takaho's interview, fill in the necessary information on the separate application form for Takaho interview to be sent by automatic reply mail, please apply separately to the window.
【Media coverage summary】 (notes etc described)PDF file
    · Please be sure to read the [Media coverage summary] carefully. · From the relationship of sharing with the site · confirmation of the planning content etc., please be sure to complete the application by the day before the holding date of the targeted coverage. Application for the day Application · Inspection for jumping to the venue where there is no application, we will refuse in principle.
  • · When you apply, we will send "Official Guidebook PDF version", "Business List Extracted Material", "Attachment Application Documents for Tikaho Interview" by automatic response mail. .
  • · In coverage of the Sapporo station underground walking space (Chikao), apart from the application for interviewing the No Maps secretariat, it is absolutely necessary to apply for the same contents to the Chikaho administrator. Please do not forget to apply (Please note that you can not interview if you are not applying to both). .
  • · Depending on the project, the number of people who can interview at once is limited. I will arrange it in order of application. .