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X-Tech Innovation 2019

~ Accelerate innovation, create the future from the local. ~


Date and time
December 11, 2019 (Wednesday) @ Royton Sapporo (Hokkaido final selection)
Roiton Sapporo
"X-Tech Innovation" is a business contest that widely recruits new services that utilize digital technology that cross industry and industry sectors. By offering matching opportunities with major companies and start-up companies, we will seek support for commercializing business ideas and exploit possibilities for existing businesses and contribute to the revitalization of regional economies.

This year, together with Fukuoka Financial Group, Hokkaido Bank, Okinawa Bank, and 77 Bank, which were jointly held last year, the system was changed to a Grand Prix Final in Tokyo after regional conferences in each area. As a regional co-creation event that crosses Japan, we aim to build a new network that goes beyond the existing framework and realize open innovation.

Contest overview

“X-Tech” (Cross-Tech) is not limited to the financial domain, but is based on the use of digital technology across a variety of industries and industries. It is a coined word.

“X-Tech Innovation 2019” uses “New services in the age of digital transformation” as a common theme, and “Sma × Ho (Smart × Hokkaido)” (Hokkaido) and “Tohoku!” We are looking for a wide range of technology and service ideas based on the keywords "date service" (Tohoku area), "platform business" (Kyushu area), and "Smart Okinawan Life-fusion of analog and digital-" (Okinawa area).

Purpose of the event

  1. Innovation of various services using ICT
  2. Matching support between major and local companies and startup companies with new technologies and business ideas
  3. Contributing to the development and revitalization of the local economy through 1 and 2 above

Common throughout Japan: New services in the age of digital transformation

Digital transformation (DX), which is progressing in all industries, transforms existing business models and enables unprecedented business model development. The innovation brought about by these changes will change people's lives in a better direction from various angles. X-Tech is looking for ideas for services and business that will lead the future of DX.

Hokkaido area theme: Sma x Ho (Smart x Hokkaido)

“Hokkaido” has overwhelming uniqueness and advantages such as agriculture and tourism, but also has issues to be addressed, such as population decline, and is seeking reform and creation in the region. We are looking for businesses and ideas that create the future by combining “smart” with “Hokkaido”, which leads to productivity improvement, unmanned work, innovation in communication and mobility.

Contest flow / schedule

July 4, 2019 Registration for X-Tech Innovation 2019 Contest started
August 23, 2019 Contest registration deadline
Early September 2019 Notification of primary selection (documents) results (email)
※ We will separately inform the schedule and place of the secondary screening for those who passed the first screening
Early October 2019 Second round of selection
* Hokkaido area: secondary selection (interviews in Hokkaido or Tokyo)
Late October 2019 Secondary selection (interview) result notification (email)
* Please prepare the following for the final selection.
1. Presentation slides (PowerPoint), images, videos, etc.
2. Applications / mockups that can understand service / business ideas specifically
December 11, 2019 Hokkaido area final selection
Royton Sapporo (Hokkaido Sapporo City Chuo-ku Kita 1 west 11 chome)
Mid January 2020 Grand Prix Final
Presentations will be given by the winners of each region's best award and excellence award.

Application Guidelines

Eligibility for entry

  • Corporations / organizations / individuals who are willing to use digital technology to accelerate the business of companies rooted in Hokkaido, Tohoku, Kyushu, Okinawa as well as local communities and to create services that are beneficial to local consumers and companies. (Individuals over 18 years old)
  • It does not matter whether or not the service has been provided at the time of application.

Application condition

  • Services that have been started after January 2018, or services / business ideas that are scheduled to start in the future
  • Before the start of the service, the outline of the service / business idea is clear at the time of application, detailed explanation of the service / business idea in the second selection (early October 2019), final selection (December 3, 2019) 5th, 10th, 11th)

Application method

Please apply from the application form on the following page.

Contest details and contact information

Official site:X-Tech Innovation 2019 Special Site
Email address: X-Tech Innovation 2019 Secretariat
Hokkaido Bank, Ltd., Fukuoka Financial Group, Okinawa Bank, Ltd.