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Conference Pass

Mainly on conferences No Maps's diverse content
Prepare a path that you can experience reasonably.

NoMaps Conference Pass

Effective period October 16-2019 20 + α
You can participate in all sessions of the business conference!
This special pass allows you to enjoy the various contents of NoMaps.
Regular price
Early discount
(Limited price through September 20)
Ticket supporter discount
(When purchasing 5 or more at a time)
※ All taxes included
  • No MapsOfficial meat up 1 day participation ticket1 sheet
  • Exclusive benefits of official lounge privilege
Other benefits may be added. We update at any time.

Start conference pass release! Application isHereFrom!
   Students are free to attend the conference!  
(Limited to 25 years old or less ・ Present student identification card required that day)

Various event tickets

Music Pass

We will inform you as soon as the details are decided.

Sapporo International Short Film Festival Ticket

1 Program ticket
Advance ¥1,000
That day ¥1,500
You can watch a program of your choice from the screening program.

3 program ticket
Advance ¥2,500
That day ¥3,500
You can watch 3 favorite programs from the screening program.

VIP coupon ticket
Advance ¥8,000
※ Multiple people can use at the entrance
※ disconnect invalid
It is a coupon that you can watch your favorite program 20 times from screening program.

All Night Pass
That day ¥3,500
※ We can exchange for all night pass with three VIP coupons mentioned above
※ Admission is possible even with a regular program ticket
You can watch the all-night screening from October 18 (Fri) 22:00 to October 19 (Saturday) morning 7:00.
Sales of advance tickets are scheduled for the beginning of September.
We will inform you as soon as the details are decided.
* Pass and ticket prices are all charges including consumption tax.