No Maps Official Guide Book / Chi Ka · Ho & ACU Venue Movement Guide Start Distribution



Distribution of PDF version of No Maps 2017 official guidebook has started.
Regarding guidebooks, we will distribute them at each venue during the exhibition, No Maps general reception at the Tikao permanent.
We will also distribute it at other tourist offices and other places at any time.

※ We plan to update the information on occasion from now on, but guidebook information will not be updated. Please check the latest information on the web.

Official guidebook (PDF)

Download here (PDF 14 M)

It is a big size file. Please acknowledge it.



No Maps 2017 Ji · Ca · Ho (Underground walking space in front of Sapporo station) / ACU-A / ACU-Y Ridgeline guide (PDF)

Click image to download

Distribution of the migration guide such as Trade Show and business conference which is done in Chikaho / ACU-A / ACU-Y started distribution
Various creative contents that spin the future are gathered.
Trade Show will be swapped from 7th to 10th, from 11th to 15th, so be sure to enjoy both periods!