Chikaho North 3 rd intersection plaza information



Migration guide of Trade Show done in Chikaho / ACU-YDistribution started
Various creative contents that spin the future are gathered.
7 - 10, 11 - 15 will be replaced so please enjoy all day!

Also, various events are held at the North 3 rd intersection square!

<North 3 intersection square plaza>


The 7th 11:00〜 "Movie is born from music"
A talk show with film novelist Toshiko Toda
15:30〜 e Sports Exchange Meeting in Sapporo
Hokkaido's e-sports team Naturals Hokkaido demonstrated!
The 8th 10:00〜  CGWORLD Entry Live 2017 in Sapporo
Topics VR, guests welcomed guests from the game industry, their work description Introduction
The 9th 14:00〜 Media Arts Work explanation event
12th 13:30/14:30/15:30 Chikaho Ahioho Robot Experience Event held
The 13th 13:30〜
Chika Ho Special Conference
STEAMS Education Project "School with no place"
Chika Ho Special Live
Nostalgic future concert
14th 14:00〜 AI × future of Sapporo

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