No Maps Sponsor "SNOW MIKU LIVE! 2018" conducted a demonstration experiment!




Various demonstration experiments will be conducted at "SNOW MIKU LIVE! 2018"

"SNOW MIKU LIVE! 2018" is a 3DCG Live of Hatsune Miku's virtual singer appearing at Zepp Sapporo as part of the festival "SNOW MIKU 2018" supporting winter Hokkaido. As a result of this visit, a demonstration experiment using various technologies will be carried out in the venue as "a mechanism for enjoying real time". This performance will be implemented under the auspices of No Maps Executive Committee.

Stage directing by advanced technology makes live excitement!

In a part of the live performance, we used "R3" developed by Krypton Future Media Co., Ltd. "Technology that allows you to sing and dance 3DCG characters in real time in accordance with music." In addition to the fact that the 3DCG model "17model" of Hatsune Miku was brushed up in addition to this performance, in addition to the reaction information such as the sound of the venue and illumination light, it attempted to reflect on the character on the stage in real time. I will direct the stage only at that time.
In addition, live animation images (lyrics animation) in which the lyrics are moved by the technology "National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology" ("AIST") 'TextAlive' and 'Songrium 3 D' coloring music with three- It will appear as a background image.

For demonstration waiting time, we conducted demonstration experiment using "MEC"!

The collaboration project "Songle Sync" developed by AIST and developed by "Fujitsu" (Fujitsu Limited) and "Songle Sync", a new technology that can link many smartphones and PCs to music, × MEC "was also implemented. We will conduct a demonstration experiment of service that you can enjoy real time synchronization of venue BGM and video with smartphone at entrance / wait time from opening to live performance.
Access information for the experience is distributed as a postcard at the entrance of the live venue. After connecting to the venue dedicated Wi - Fi described on the postcard, if you read the QR code with smartphone, various CG animations will be displayed on the smartphone screen according to the beat and excitement of the venue BGM. You can enjoy the sense of unity at the venue by synchronously showing the same production in real time to all visitors' smartphone.
※ Please participate in charging the smartphone.


In this demonstration experiment, we constructed the "MEC" system on the PC server "FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY", originally porting the special version of "Songle Sync" on the Internet to AIST on "MEC" system, "Songle Sync × MEC "Configure the system for planning. And by connecting the "MEC" system to the dedicated Wi - Fi network built at the venue and providing services, visitors can enjoy CG animation that is synchronized in real time with their own smartphones.
By "MEC" technology, we will verify high-quality service provision in a limited form within the hall. We will also conduct demonstration experiments to dynamically control the Wi - Fi environment according to the number of visitors 'accesses, using Fujitsu' s Wi - Fi solution.

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We will continue to support efforts to disclose various creative research and development to the general public and provide new experiences.


What is "SNOW MIKU LIVE! 2018"

It is a 3DCG Live of Hatsune Miku and virtual singer appearing at Zepp Sapporo as part of the festival "SNOW MIKU 2018" to support Hokkaido in winter.
February 9, 2018 (Friday) | Luncheon Opening 13: 00 / Opening 14:00, Night Performance Opening 18: 00 / Opening 19: 00
February 10, 2018 (Saturday) | Luncheon Opening 13: 00 / Opening 14:00, Night Performance Opening 17: 00 / Opening 18: 00
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