No Maps 2017 Immersion festival "immersive! Virtual Shikotsu Lake World" won the Asahi VR Award "Nature Division Award" sponsored by Asahi Shimbun!



At the VR experience event "No Immigration Festival" held at No Maps 2017, the 13th term department of Science and Technology Communication Education Research Division (commonly known as "CoSTEP") established at Hokkaido University Higher Education Promotion Organization Open Education Center The VR content of the Science Workshop for Children 's "December! Virtual Virtual Scepter Lake World" conducted by Media Design Practice has been awarded the Audience Division Prize of Asahi VR Award (total of 136 entries) It was!



· Message from Hokkaido University CoSTEP
At CoSTEP students have long been engaged in activities on science and technology communication for children. Through this award, we aim to continue to communicate the pleasure of science even more, and at the same time aim to develop new media technologies such as VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality), MR (Mixed Reality) I would like to work on the pursuit of communication methods that make use of it.

[Workshop Implementation Report]

[Morning day VR awards announcement]