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Hokkaido University Research & Business Park Promotion Council · EARTH on EDGE Hokkaido (Hokkaido University · Otaru Commerce University) Collaboration Project

"change the world! Business idea contest "Notice for recruiting ideas



The Hokkaido University Research & Business Park Promotion Council and EARTH on EDGE Hokkaido will hold the first business idea contest as follows. Judging from among the ideas you submitted, the best award"Prize of 300,000 yen"I will award you. We look forward to a lot of your application!






<Outline of application>


■ Business ideas to recruit

Science and technologyWe will make a business idea that distinguishes existing ones, making use of them.


■ Eligibility

Those who have business ideas that you would like to work on (including corporations, individuals, students, groups, etc) who are planning to live in, work at home, study abroad or work in the province,

(1) Business owners who have just started their business (assumed to be approximately 1 to 3 years after starting up businesses)
(2) Those who intend to start a business from now
(3) Those who want to commercialize business ideas


Application deadline



■ Application method
Please download the application form from below, attach it to the following e-mail address, and submit it by e-mail.
Download (URL)

* Please understand that the application documents will not be returned.


■ Point of View
Is it an idea that is superior to creativity, originality, marketability, continuity, concreteity, feasibility etc. leading to industrial promotion in Hokkaido utilizing science and technology?


■ Appraisal method
(1) Primary examination (document examination)
We will select presenters at the business idea presentation meeting / screening meeting and notify the applicant of the results of the review.


(2) Final screening (business idea presentation / examination meeting)
Presentation of business idea by presenter (8 minutes) and question-and-answer (5 minutes) will be carried out and review by the judging committee will be carried out.
· Date and time March 23rd (Fri) Heisei 13: 00 ~ 17: 30 (business card exchange meeting 17: 30 ~ 18: 00)
· Place Millist Cafe & Kitchen (Southern 3-chome West Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi 1-1 Norbesa 1F)


(3) Recognition
We will decide the following winners by screening and will recognize at the business idea presentation meeting / screening meeting.
1st Prize (Hokkaido Governor Prize) (Certificate of Award, prize of 300,000 yen) 1 person
Excellence Award (certificate of commendation, prize of 100,000 yen) 2


■ Application and inquiries
Hokkaido University Research & Business Park Promotion Council

Secretariat: Public Interest Foundation Hokkaido Science and Technology Comprehensive Promotion Center (North Tech Foundation) Industry-University Cooperation Support Department Shimazaki, Ono

TEL 011-708-6536




Hosting     北大リサーチ&ビジネスパーク推進協議会、EARTH on EDGE北海道(北海道大学・小樽商科大学)

Co-organized     北海道

Aid(Planned) Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Hokkaido Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry, the Japan Small and Medium Enterprises Infrastructure Development Organization Hokkaido Headquarters, Hokkaido Small and Medium Enterprise Support Center