"VR Dome Movie Selection & Planetarium Live 2018" Tickets October 12 (Fri) minute sold out! 13th (Saturday) also remains a little!

Date: 2018/10/12


About "VR Dome Movie Selection & Planetarium Live 2018" held at Sapporo City Youth Science Museum Planetarium,
The sale at the window of Ticket Pia · Sapporo City Youth Science Center ended for the sale of advance sale tickets for Friday, October 12, 2018.
Thank you very much for your purchase.
We will not sell the same day ticket, so please be forewarned.

Incidentally,Even for the event held on Saturday, October 13, it is close to sold tickets for advance tickets.
In case of sold out, we will not sell the ticket on the day.
Those who want to see, please purchase a ticket as soon as possible!

For details, purchase tickets for 13 days from here!