【For those who have not finished exchanging No Maps Conference Pass】

Date: 2018/10/12


No Maps Business conference 2018 will end all sessions today at 18 o'clock on Friday, December 12.

However, we can continue to use it for the Sapporo International Short Film Festival 1 program ticket (subject to the 14th, 19th to 21th) which becomes a bonus, and 1 venue admission ticket of the music live circuit (13th day subject) .
If you have not finished redeeming the conference pass yet, I'd appreciate it if you can come to the following window.

<From 10/12 (Friday) to 21: 00>
No Maps Business Conference Venue Reception
(Kita 4-cha, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi 5-chome Asti 45, 16th floor)

<10/13 (Saturday), 10/14 (Sunday) 10: 00-19: 00 (until 17: 00 on the 14th)>
No Maps Touch the NEW Street - Information & Stage Zone -
Comprehensive reception (Sapporo Ekimichori underground walking space Kitasanja intersection square)

※ Please understand beforehand that we can not accept redemption as it is not the above time / place.