No Maps 2018 All the contents of the main session ended!

Date: 2018/10/14


No Maps 2018, which has been held from Wednesday, October 10th to Sunday 14th (Sunday), has successfully ended all contents of the main session.
Thank you very much for your coming and everyone who received your support and cooperation!
No Maps 2018 itself will continue to do business until December, but first of all I would like to thank everyone involved for being a partner.
A lot of people can participate from afar, and although it is a little by little, it is the second year that I feel a sense of being able to propose the concept of a valuable convention from Sapporo and Hokkaido.
I would like to ask you straightforward feedback, advice and requests frankly that you felt, and to prepare for No Maps 2019 and prepare from today to make it a satisfactory convention beyond this year .
We will report on the number of projects · number of visitors during the main period, photographs of each business etc., detailed report etc. again. Please keep an eye on the efforts of No Maps.