MIT professor Hiroshi Ishii's special speech is announced!

Date: 2019/06/30


"NoMaps Business Conference" invites special guests who are leading the fields of cutting-edge technologies, services, social trends, etc. that are attracting attention at home and abroad. Various guests are on stage every year.

Featured topics of this year's conference are:
Special Speech by Hiroshi Ishii, Professor of Media Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USAis.
Hiroshi Ishii, who continues to design the future, talks about the mental landscape that he envisions in the future.
Hiroshi Ishii Profile
Born in 1956 in Tokyo, he grew up in Sapporo.
He has served as a quarter-century professor of the Media Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the United States, with a world-class research achievement producing many Nobel Prize winners.
Joined MIT Media Lab in 1995 and became Deputy Director in 2008.
Tangible Bits (1997), which gives a physical and dynamic form to digital information to pursue a new vision of Human Computer Interaction (HCI) that seamlessly connects people, digital information, and the physical environment Advocates Radical Atoms "(2012). We are researching "Tunable User Interface (TUI)" that can directly touch and manipulate digital information by hand.
This concept has had a major impact not only on design and science but also on media art. Its work has been highly praised in the world, and in 2019 HCI was awarded the ACM SIGCHI Lifetime Research Award, which is the highest honor in the world.
Graduated from Hokkaido University's Department of Electronics Engineering in 1978, and completed the Master's Program in Information Engineering in 80, and obtained a doctoral degree in 92.

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