Creative Convention from Sapporo
We are looking for volunteer staff of 'No Maps 2017'!

【Recruitment for this fiscal year is over. 】
Thank you very much for applying!

札幌・北海道という象徴的な開拓の地で、先端テクノロジーや斬新なアイディアを軸として開催されるクリエイティブコンベンション「No Maps 2017」。 今年本開催となるこのコンベンションを成功させるためには、No Mapsに来場する多くの人々を笑顔で迎え、さまざまな場面で支えるボランティアの皆さんの力が必要です。 新たに始まるクリエイティブなイベントを一緒に支え、札幌が世界屈指のクリエイティブなまちとなるための取組をサポートしませんか?

Activity period

· Sapporo International Short Film Festival October 3 (Tuesday) - October 12 (Thursday) 2017

· Chikao From Thursday, October 5, 2017 to October 15 (Sun)

· ACU-A · ACU-Y October 10 (Tue) - October 13 (Fri)

Activity location
Classification Venue
Chikao Management assistance related to information desk, venue maintenance, other miscellaneous matters
ACU-Y, ACU-A Conference and trade show related operations assistance, reception assistance, venue maintenance / induction, other miscellaneous matters
Plaza 2.5, EDiT, others Sapporo International Short Film Festival related to operation support, ticket margin, column arrangement, questionnaire on admission etc. distribution / collection, number of visitors, flyer distribution, other miscellaneous, daily conversation degree interpretation, help relating to the venue launch

※ Although I will ask for the hope concerning the activity content, please be forewarned that it will not necessarily be as desired.

Wanted category

個人またはグループ(2人以上) ※グループでの登録をご希望の場合は、応募前に下記お問い合わせ先にご連絡ください。

Qualification requirements
  • Those aged 15 years or older as of October 1, 2017 (junior high school students can not participate) ※ For those under the age of 18, a parent consent form is required.
  • Be capable of about 7 hours of activity per time (1 day) within the period
  • When foreign languages ​​are the mother tongue, there is no hindrance in everyday conversation in Japanese, you can read and understand simple Japanese sentences
  • There is an e-mail address that can be used on a daily basis, there is an environment that can receive e-mails from the PC and can check files such as Word · Excel · PDF
  • Others who understand the requirements of the volunteer project specified by the organizer and who can work while having fun
Recruitment period

Until Friday, September 15, 2017

Number of people

100 people (including multilingual volunteers: 60 people)


インフォメーションデスク運営等、一部の活動については事前研修を行います(日程は後日調整)。 他の活動については、原則、活動日に指示を行います。

  • Volunteer Staff Uniform Payment
  • QUO card (equivalent to 500 yen, but only when the activity time of one time is 7 hours or more)
  • ボランティア保険加入(本人負担なし) ※活動参加にかかる交通費・宿泊費は個人負担となります。また、宿泊のあっせんや手配は行いませんので、予めご了承ください。

No Maps実行委員会 事務局(担当:廣瀬・竹花) 〒003-0005 札幌市白石区東札幌5条1丁目1-1 インタークロス・クリエイティブ・センター 2FH TEL:011-812-2000 FAX:011-812-2001 E-mail:info@no-maps.jp

<Private Policy> No Maps Executive Committee Secretariat be responsible for managing all your personal information and will not disclose any information to third parties.​ ​