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One day and two nights Hackathon held at a natural rich resort

Forestry x IT Hackathon in Morimachi Mori HACK

~ # Hiroge the forest ~



Date and time
Saturday, June 15, 2019 10:00-16 (Sun) 14:00
Green Peer Onuma

About the event

Based on Hokkaido's primary industry, “Hokkaido primary industry hackathon” creates a prototype that contributes to the development of the primary industry in a short period of time, making full use of the participants' knowledge, ideas and technology. It is an event to do.

Japan's forestry is attracting attention due to the maturity of forest resources. However, when we look at regional forestry, many issues are piled up, and we are looking for solutions.
On the other hand, ICT engineers in rural areas are looking for a place where they can be active in the area where they live, rather than being concentrated in Tokyo.
This year's “Hokkaido First Industry Hackathon”, entitled “Forest HACK – Forrest for Hirogeyo”, gathered in the forest town of the southern Hokkaido area, sharing challenges in the future of the Japanese forest industry, and future forestry ICT We will hold an idea creation event that creates a variety of ideas that can be exciting.
"Forest HACK" means to "HACK" the "forest" of the forest and the "forest" of the forest town.
We will explore the method of "Forest HACK" for two days one night in the lush "Green Peer Onuma", and think about how to make it a sustainable forest (sustainable management of SDG's forests).

※ What is a hackathon Engineer (programmer, designer) and people related to the theme (such as forestry people) gather at one place, and the service, system and application are based on the idea of combining primary industry and ICT technology It is an event to create a prototype such as.

Target of participation

It recruits participants widely regardless of occupation. We particularly welcome forestry people, ICT people and designers.

On the day, you will participate in one of the following four roles. It is also possible for one person to take on multiple roles.
Please fill out the required role on the application form.
  • planner
    The role of organizing the whole plan, and the leader who shares the whole picture of the service and the app with the team members.
  • Programmer
    It includes roles that create functions, server engineers, application engineers, and various genres.
  • Designer 
    There are also cases where you draw a picture that conveys your idea and create a presentation material, and this is an important role that conveys your plan with an image.
  • Forest, forestry, timber industry personnel
    Provide expertise to the team based on actual experience.


Days Saturday, June 15, 2019 10:00-16 (Sun) 14:00
Venue Hokkaido Shobe-gun Morimachi Green Peer OnumaOfficial site
(〒 229, Akaigawa, Moricho, Hokkaido, Japan 049-2142)
Entry fee 5000 Yen
※ Including accommodation expenses, meals and events insurance fee
Application method Please apply from this link
The application deadline is 6/3!
※ In the case of a large number of applicants, it may be a lottery, so let's get it early!
[Host event] Hokkaido primary industry hackathon 2019 executive committee
[Support] Morimachi, Hokkaido, Forestry Agency Hokkaido Forest Management Bureau
[Cooperation] Morimachi area raising cooperation team (Yamanaka), Haomori
【Special cooperation】 NoMaps, Information and Communication Month Promotion Council
【PR Cooperation】 General Incorporated Association LOCAL

Event Details

Please check the link below.