Exciting Hokkaido,
by People with Passion.
"Let's Do It First"
That's Our Statement.
Who is a Creator?
Anyone Making
Hokkaido Exciting.
Some Seriousness,
Some Enjoyment.

It's just the right time to start an interesting, exciting and
unique challenge from local cities.

Hokkaido has abundant resources,
and No Maps finds immense potential for new business in this region.

Share your ideas, exchange your
skills, and meet people for new discovery.
No Maps creates a new framework for city development.

Music, film, education, town planning and more;
People in any fields always have something to share in common.

Giving up old values and​ ​
customs, we will start drawing new world on the blank map.

No Maps

"No Maps," which stands for s a journey without a map, is a project to make Hokkaido exciting with the creative power.
We bring together the music, film and tech industry, and variety fo events and networking parties are organized. No Maps is jointly supported by the industry, government and academia.

No Maps
as know as "Sapporo Creative Convention"
consists of the following five categories.


New suggestions, presentations, and exchanges of opinions regarding business and social matters.

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Cutting edge technologies, services and contents are presented for experience.

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Creative/Entertainment experience as film screenings, music events and media art exhibition.

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People across variety of industries, fields and generations meet together and discuss about new businesses and society.

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No Maps coordinates the demonstration experiments within Sapporo and Hokkaido, cooperating with the municipal authorities.

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In no particular order