No Maps 2019 main session announcement!

Date: 2019/02/01


Sorry to keep you waiting!
One month has passed already in 2019, but it was a stage where you can inform you of the main session of this year's No Maps.

No Maps in 2019, "No Maps 2019"

October 16 (Wednesday) - October 20 (Sun) in 2019

As the main session.

Of course, we will plan various hosting and collaborative projects throughout the year as well, but we will ask you to conveniently change from now on the main excitement during the most exciting time!
Regarding details of the project, we will release it as soon as we are decided, so please look forward to the next report!

Based on the experience and opinions received in 2018, we will provide a place for new experiments and encounters in Sapporo and Hokkaido, so please continue to "No Maps" thank you!