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Date and time
Thursday, August 2, 2018
Hokkaido University Academic Exchange Hall
For the enforcement of the next school curriculum guidelines for 2022, "Curriculum opened to society" was clearly laid out, explorative learning collaborating with the community, interactive and interactive learning (active learning ) Is the key theme surrounding the educational environment.

The high school first grader who entered this year will be the generation of the new university entrance examination. Among them, the ability to learn by themselves and solve problems is becoming more important. Also in local creation, many municipalities are suffering from how to foster persons who are actively engaged in regional and community issues and how to motivate local residents to educate themselves.

In this "Inquiry-type Learning Association Forum 2018", we can share examples of high school students who implemented projects using the framework of high school, examples of promotion of project learning for high school students, how we can realize it at school I will think about and will hold a workshop on mutual consultation. Through this opportunity, we will form a learning community where "entrainers (faculty / education officials)" will learn together to realize the curriculum which is open to society.


【Time】 2018/8/2 (Thurs) 13: 30 - 17: 00 (opening 13: 00)
【place】Hokkaido University academic exchange conference room 3rd meeting room (North 8 West 5 Kita-ku Sapporo City Hokkaido 060-0811)
【Capacity】 50 people ※ Application first come first served
【Registration Fee】 Free

1. Keynote Lecture 1 Mr. Takeo Goto "Changes in trends and policies across the country (temporary)"
2. Keynote Lecture 2 Mr. Ryo Imamura "Possibility and Expectation of Exploration Learning · My Project (Tentative)"
3. Panel Discussion "Tackling efforts of explorative lessons (temporary)"
Minoru Ota Mr. Yuuta Kanno Mr. Takeji Shinohara
4. Subcommittee, divided theme and exchange opinions and discussions with participants (group work group)
5. Subcommittee sharing
6. "My Project Hokkaido"
7. Social gathering (venue undecided; participation fee extra 3 to 4 thousand yen) 17: 30 ~ 19: 30

[Keynote Lecture]
Takeo Goto
Education journalist.
After graduating from university, I got a job at a school corporation Kawaijuku. After independence, as a university consultant, involved in the development of AO entrance examinations for well-known universities, etc., entrance examination / design, establishment of information center, etc., admission adviser for juku / high school. After that, I participated in establishing Waseda University Law School. Former · Tokyo University of Technology public relations manager · entrance examination section manager. Currently an advisor such as Pearson Japan KK Higher Education Department. Planning, composition, editing "Theory of knowledge - world recognized" knowledge theory "(Pearson Japan).

Ryo Imamura
Certified NPO corporate managing director Katariba. Born in Kumamoto City in 1982. He graduated from the Department of Humanities and the Department of Social Science, Tokyo Metropolitan University Director of business division. In 2003, I participated in a business trip katarie place during my student days. After entering a new graduate to Toppan Printing Co., Ltd., I will reinstate in 2010 and work on commercialization of "business class classroom". In collaboration with the administration, we opened a "secret base for junior high and high school students" b-lab in Tokyo Bunkyo Ward, "Collaboration School Imabari Dream Teacher" in the area affected by the Kumamoto earthquake. He was a member of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, a member of the Gifu Prefectural Education Vision Review Committee. As of 2018, he is responsible for the national high school student My project secretariat. He is also a part-time lecturer at Kumamoto University and Keio University. Co-author "Essential educational reform theory".

Minoru Ota
Noboru Hokkaido Tomorrow secondary secondary school teacher.
In Abashiri Nankigohyo who worked from Heisei FY 2011, she instructs volunteer students for research on tasks. Notice that utilization of local educational resources (experience outside the school) greatly transforms students. I found a possibility of linkage with course guidance and hope for personnel exchanges to Iwate, advanced state prefecture guidance. From FY2005 Iwate Prefecture Morioka Daiichi High School. He is responsible for research on SGH issues in FY2007. Expanding the scope of collaboration to Morioka City Hall, Industry, Academia and Government Collaborating Organizations, etc., promoting independent research activities. I sympathize strongly with the management philosophy of my project which the student participated. Current position since April, Heisei 30.

Yuta Kanno
Certified NPO corporate Cathariva staff, Otsuchi Town education specialist in Iwate Prefecture.
He graduated from the Faculty of Education Waseda University in 2009 and joined the current recruitment career. Career change to certified NPO corporation CATARIBA triggered by the Great East Japan Earthquake. In Otsuchi Town, Iwate prefecture, we set up "Collaboration · School Ozumo Cram School" for after school activities and will be responsible. Currently, as an educational expert in Otsuchi Town, it is creating an outline and ordinance for making towns more attractive. I am in charge of appealing the high school which was united with the head office. My project is active from social education side.

Kazushi Shinohara
Doctor (Education). Associate Professor, Hokkaido University Graduate School of Education.
Specialty is pedagogy, educational administration, school management theory. Mr. Brown visited researcher, researcher of faculty graduate school of research at Fukui University, research institute researcher, associate professor of human culture at Shiga prefectural university and has been in current position since 2015. We are pursuing the ideal form of educational governance for guaranteeing learning rights in the main fields of Hokkaido's county and remote islands and the American metropolitan area (Chicago, Boston etc.). In Fukui Prefecture, we also work on lesson research
Mum. There are many research achievements / publications such as translation publication of book of Andy Hargreaves.

Eguchi Akira
Representative director of specified nonprofit corporation.
Born in Asahikawa in 1975. Completion of Hokkaido University Graduate School of Education Studies (Master of Education). He practiced and studied extracurricular activities in his school days and handled career related education related projects. Planning and operation of "Katari field lesson" mainly in Hokkaido area, video education through Hokkaido University through film. The university produces short films, and it is discharging winning works at international film festivals around the world. NPO corporation Hokkaido community cinema Sapporo director. NoMaps Executive Committee. Hokusei Gakuen University and a part-time lecturer at Hokkaido Industrial University.

[Comprehensive Moderator]
Fukutsu Kyoko
President of the Sapporo People Picture Book / Municipal High School Concierge.
After opening the regional FM broadcasting director, in May 2012, we opened the "Sapporo People Campaign" that delivers video interviews of people active in Sapporo every day for 365 days a year. We accomplished the planning, production, shooting, editing alone, and achieved interviews with 1,000 Sapporo citizens who were pledged in March 2015. It is now a television program at JECOM Sapporo and continues updating at the pace three times a week. From municipal high school concierge in 2017.
Organized: Certified NPO Corporation Catalyba
Co-sponsored; My Project Executive Committee
Operation: NPO corporation Ikutama, accredited NPO corporation Catalyba
Cooperation: Hokkaido University Graduate School of Education Research Institute School Management Studies Office, NoMaps Executive Committee
Sponsor: MEXT, Hokkaido Board of Education
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