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Health care × Block chain workshop

Using advanced technology to think about solutions to health care industry challenges



This event has ended.
Date and time
Friday 14th December 2018 15: 00 ~ 18: 00
Kagota 2 · 7
Japan is ahead of the world and the aging society is progressing remarkably, and we recognize that various challenges are emerging in the healthcare industry which is the core industry. We believe that BHIP will be able to help solve various problems in the healthcare industry by utilizing a new technology, block chain technology, we decided to hold a health care subcommittee and hold a workshop Did.

In this workshop, we would like to participate in the healthcare industry and find a solution to the problem while collaborating with members of the BHIP Healthcare Department who are familiar with block chain technology.

After the workshop, we will seek out healthcare related companies who are interested in the solution to the problem and we will consider the possibility of commercialization with BHIP Healthcare Department members. And we will announce the results at BHIP sponsored "Block Chain Festival 2019" scheduled to be held in March 2019. We are waiting for the participation of many health care industry participants.


Date and time Friday 14th December 2018 15: 00 ~ 18: 00
Venue Kagu 2 · 7 610 Conference room (6th floor)
(People's Activity Center Building North 7th Street Chuo-ku, Sapporo)
Targets Participants in the healthcare field and members of the BHIP Healthcare Department
Number of people About 20 people
Expense free
Application Please apply from here
We have closed the recruitment as we have reached capacity with popularity
Hosting The BHIP Health Care Subcommittee of the General Association
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Hokkaido
Special cooperation No Maps Committee
Sapporo City IoT Innovation Promotion Consortium

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