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Michi no IoT Hackasson! Solve the tourism problem! Vol.2

It is Vol.2 of Hackasson held in April 2018

Conference Meet-up


This event has ended.
Date and time
Saturday, September 22, 2018 9: 00 ~ 20: 00
Sunday, September 23, 2018 9: 00 ~ 17: 45
@ Kushiro City Lifelong Learning Center (Masanobu Keiko)
Kushiro City Lifelong Learning Center (Masanobu Keiko)

Hackathon theme

Tourism / Disaster Preparedness "Publish the charm of Kushiro and seek its charm! Secure the safety of visitors!" (It is held in Kushiro city, Hokkaido.)

Planning background

Kushiro City has been recognized as a tourism nation showcase of the country and has become a model area to accept foreign tourists in local cities, but there are various issues such as languages ​​correspondence, lack of human resources, infrastructure improvement etc. to accept it. Regional problems such as decline of key industries, disaster countermeasures, aging problems, and population outflow of young people are many. We believe that the use of IoT and cloud is important for solving such problems, we established the Kushiro City IoT Promotion Laboratory in Kushiro City, and collaborated with industry, government and academia to solve various problems in the area with IoT have started. Among them, in order to make effective use of IoT and cloud in the area, it seems that local IT personnel training is one of the important themes, local IT companies gather in September 2017 and local IT engineers and IT We established the Hokkaido Hackasson Executive Committee for the purpose of nurturing the company.


In November 2017, about 60 people gathered from all over the country besides local people to hold tourism IoT ideason that IoT solves regional tourism issues. In this idea son, teams who detect people (hints from fish finder) using beacons and others and who gave ideas for service provision to avoid missing customers even in a quiet period won. The regional and international industries and other industries gathered, and the identification of regional issues with the viewpoint of tourists was thought to be a very meaningful event, with ideas from the viewpoints of local residents overlooking.
Based on these efforts, we held IoT Cloud Hackasson in April for solving regional problems.
Not only thinking about regional issues but also developing systems to realize them will lead to nurturing local IT companies and IT human resources and as a part of this effort to help solve regional problems, local students , IT operators, and less than 60 people from various backgrounds gathered from all over the country gathered.
This time, which is Hackasson's second time, it was held after all the roads became victims by the Hokkaido Ballistic Eastern Earthquake that strangely occurred on September 6, 2018.
In addition to the brush-up of the previous idea, it is urgent to secure the safety of tourists who are going to be landing-awaited LCC in August and it will increase at a stretch, so we focused on disaster prevention and more concrete services I will hack.
Please suggest this real challenge and desire of the people in the province affected this time in Hackasson concretely!
IoT, those who want to solve regional problems in the cloud, those who want to experience Hokkaido full of nature and fresh seafood and dairy products, agricultural crops such as Kushiro Wetland widely participate in those who are interested We are waiting for you!

Ideason in November 2017 - About Hackasson in April 2018


· Thinking of service deployment at IoT
· Marketers interested in regional creation
- We accept wide range such as planners
· Team participation is also welcomed
· Person who develops in India individually, who are developing with hobbies
· We are waiting for participation of people in and out of Hokkaido, beginning with people in Kushiro city

Capacity / participation fee

Capacity 40 people (about 1 team 5 people) · Free entrance fee


※ Information will be released at a later date!

Date and time

Program 9/22 (Sat) Day 9: 00 - Scheduled technical lecture with applicant (※ Time schedule · contents etc may be changed)
8: 45 - Opening · reception (participants in the morning)

9: 00-12: 30 [Applicant only] Technical training

12: 00 - receptionist (participants from the afternoon)

13: 00-14: 00 Orientation · Organizer Speech
Theme explanation · Team building

14: 00-15: 00 Technical explanation / Demo

15: 00-19: 00 Hackson Hands On
Issue hearing / idea issuance

19: 00-19: 40 Team meeting

19: 40-19: 55 Preparation for Day 2 · General Review

20: 00 ~ Networking group (undecided)

Program 9/23 (Sunday) Day 2 9: 00 - IoT · Cloud Hackasson (※ Time schedule · contents etc are subject to change)
09: 00 - 15: 00 Hackathon (lunch will be prepared)

15:00 - 16:30 Each team presentation

16: 30 - 17: 00 Judging / other team tours / reviews

17: 00 - 17: 30 Result announcement / recognition

17: 30 - 17: 45 Closing

About equipment

Regarding development, freedom to carry equipment
In addition, regarding the equipment we are preparing at this event,HerePlease refer to

Technical information

Technical information, edited by RHEMS GikenHerePlease read the information of

Prizes · prizes

First place team: Gift certificate of 100,000 yen
Second place Team: Gift certificate of 50,000 yen
3rd place team: 30,000 yen gift certificate
Special prize (to be determined)
Participation award We are planning special products such as the East.
※ The above is subject to change.

Examination criteria

The following five criteria are established, each of which is evaluated by four judges in four stages, and the results are summed to determine the winning.
· Innovation and uniqueness (an idea not ever)
· Feasibility and packability (whether it can be actually developed or operated)
· Design (whether sophisticated or appealing)
· Business Nature (Is there a possibility of business)
· The theme (whether it is possible to provide value according to the theme or not)
※ IoT ideas point up

Sponsor recruitment

Platinum sponsor 100,000 yen
Gold sponsor 50,000 yen
Silver sponsor 30,000 yen
Bronze sponsor 10,000 yen
Supporter 5 thousand yen
Special sponsor over 100,000 yen

Access to the venue · Kushiro city


[From Tokyo / Kikkento] There are direct flights, but there may be few vacant seats. In addition, there is a route of Naka-Tetsu Airport, Obihiro Airport (movement is about 2 hours by car), New Chitose Airport (limited 4 hours).

There is a connection bus from the Kushiro Airport to the city.
Click here for details of access

Kushiro city is located in the east side of Hokkaido with the airport with Tancho Kushiro Airport as the gateway, THE Hokkaido! The beautiful sunset, beautiful setting sunsets, and a port town boasting a fishing port boasting the highest landing height in Japan.
The impact of the Hokkaido Chikyu Eastern Earthquake that occurred on September 6, 2018 continues only to save electricity on all roads now, but fortunately the East is far from the epicenter and the damage is minimal. Nature, food, and people are attractive. Please do come by all means.
→ Kushiro Tourism Association

About accommodation

We decided to lend a share house that we have just opened specially this time.
Accommodation Facebook PageKamuirrera
We will arrange it for 5,000 yen per person. Please tell us who you are using.
↓ ↓ Current reservation status ↓ ↓ (as of September 12, 2018)
Single: 9 / 22.22.23 (full)
Single: 9 / 21.22.23 (full)
Single: 9 / 21.22.23 (full)
Twin small: 9/21 (1 person / shared room sky)
Twin small:
Twin large:
Cot 1w:
Cot 1w:
↑ ↑ There is room in the room not listed. ↑ ↑ Please arrange for other hotels etc on your own. In the area around the city center of Kushiro (Kushiro station · Buddhism bridge), there are the following internet-equipped hotels. Please make a reservation as soon as it will be a three-day weekend in autumn and the hotel may be full.
(Please contact the hotel if you can park by car)

Accommodation reference

【Around the Buddhist Bridge】
· Kushiro Century Castle Hotel
· ANA Crowne Plaza Kushiro
· Kushiro Prince Hotel
· Natural hot spring Hotel Paco Kushiro
· Natural hot spring Mikumo no yu Lavista Kushiro River
【Kushiro station area surroundings】 (It is a little away from the venue)
· Kushiro Royal Inn

【guest house】
· Kokkekko (suburbs of Kushiro city)

Host organizer

Kushiro IT cluster Promotion Association (East Hokkaido IoT Hackasson Executive Committee)Official site
Nakajima Hideyuki (Kushiro City IoT Promotion Laboratory - Kushiro IT Cluster Promotion Association)
Kotonobu Shimpini (Hokkaido Design Code)
Keiichi Sasaki (K's planning)

【Administrative Office】
Mr. Hachiko Hachiko (Uhuru Co., Ltd.)

Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Hokkaido Communication Bureau · Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
· Kushiro City · Kushiro Industrial College of Technology · Kushiro City IoT Promotion Laboratory

Platinum Sponsor:
· SANSE Management System Co., Ltd.
· JOYO Corporation
Gold sponsor:
· Class Method Co., Ltd.
· RHEMS Japan Co., Ltd.
· Limited Liability Company Hokkaido Design Code
· Fujitsu Limited Kushiro Branch
· JBS Technology
Silver Sponsor:
· Discovery Co., Ltd.

※ The details of the timetable and the theme are being adjusted and there is a notice
Please understand beforehand that the content may be changed without it
※ The information is updated from time to time.
* There is a possibility of exposing the picture of the day on the website or SNS
Yes. Please note.