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Date and time
Sunday, November 25, 2018 13: 00 - 15: 30
Sunday, December 9, 2018 (Sunday) 10: 30 - 15: 30
Red brick terrace 2F atrium
TKP Sapporo Business Center 5F
With ideas and ICT, we can make city center of Sapporo more enjoyable and easy to use!

The city center of Sapporo is a town where the vast underground space spreads east, west, north and south.
The underground space difficult to be affected by snow has become a lifeline of this town.
But you feel that something is unsatisfactory, or if you have this, you are more comfortable, are not you?
People involved in the area thought and solved the problem of such "town" by themselves,
We call the efforts to raise the value of the area "area management (Eli Mane)".

This event aims at area management activities utilizing ICT,
While walking in the center of the city, find the town problem ① Field work / workshop,
Think about a plan to solve the problem with ideas and ICT ② It is a two part composition of ideaison.
A good idea is to actually create a prototype and do social experiments?


Main theme

In the city center area,
Friendly and fun town planning for parenting generation!
Town development to support the convenience and energy of people working in the city!


● People who use child-rearing often in the city center
Those who work in the city center ●
Those who are involved in community development / those who are interested (including students)

Entry fee

free* Participation in either schedule is also possible.


Field work / workshop to find the first issue

title Field work / workshop to find tasks
Schedule Sunday, November 25, Heisei 13: 00-15: 30
Venue Red brick terrace 2nd floor atrium
Sapporo-shi Chuo-ku Kita 2-chome West 4-Chome Red Brick Terrace 2F
Capacity 50 people
Remarks Participation with children is also OK!

Fieldwork of the city center city while utilizing Elimane application "Satsu Chika"!
"This is inconvenient!" "If you have such fun here ..."
We will leave about the issues and expectations of the city center area with photos and comments.
In this workshop, we utilize the Eimiyane application "Satsu Chika".
If you have a smartphone please install the application in advance.
Download from AppStore Let's get it with GooglePlay
Satsu tika appli screen

Ideason exploring the solution of the second issue

title Ideason exploring solutions to problems
Schedule Sunday, December 9, Heisei 10 (30: 30 ~ 15: 30
Venue TKP Sapporo Business Center 5th Floor
Sapporo-shi Chuo-ku Kita 3-chome West 3-chome Hurric Sapporo Building 5F
Capacity 30 people
Remarks Engineers are welcome!

Ideason thinking about solutions and expectations of tasks extracted in field work.
While utilizing ICT, we will conduct group work on concrete improvement methods,
We propose "Sapporo's city center is a little better project".
What is an idea son?
Ideason is a coined term of "idea + marathon", like running a marathon
It is a workshop type event that keeps giving ideas over a long time.
We also have a route to fully utilize the plans we thought!

Part 1 Challenge "Challenge! Open Governance 2018"!
A nationwide contest operated by the University of Tokyo public policy graduate school, utilizing data and solving regional problems. The city of Sapporo also entered this project on the theme of "Town development in central Sapporo utilizing ICT" assuming improvement of mobility on the ground and underground. You can apply for this contest by brushing up the problem solution plan with ideason.
● Challenge! Open Governance 2018Official site

Part 2 We will consider implementation as a social experiment!
For an idea plan that can actually be realized, "I want to make our Sapporo a bit better with" code ". "Code for Sapporo, which operates on the theme, will support development, etc. and will also consider examining social experiments.
● Code for SapporoOfficial site

How to apply

Please access the following URL, please fill in the necessary information on the form, please apply.
<Deadline for application>Thursday, December 6, Heisei 30
<Application form>
※ As soon as it becomes capacity, please understand beforehand that we will terminate the application reception.
Organized by:
Sapporo City / No Maps Executive Committee

Code for Sapporo / Sapporo Ekimae Town Development Town Co., Ltd.
Sapporo Odori Town Development Co., Ltd. / Krypton Future Media Co., Ltd.
Sapporo city central city version data platform utilization consortium
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