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EY Entrepreneurs of the Year 2018

Japan Hokkaido Competition Award Ceremony



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Date and time
Tuesday, October 9, 2018
15: 30 ~ 18: 30
Sapporo Grand Hotel
EY Entrepreneurs of the Year Japan is an international award system that honors the entrepreneurial accomplishments and entrepreneurship founded by EY in 1986. Through this activity, EY continues to deliver the fascination and enthusiasm of many attractive Entrepreneurs both domestically and internationally, and today it has been recognized as one of the most prestigious business awards in the world to which about 60 countries and regions participate. In Japan I started a program since 2001 and introduced a lot of wonderful entrepreneurs selected from all over the country. We will honor excellent entrepreneurs this year and encourage entrepreneurs' activities to open up the future of Japan.

Entrepreneurs chosen as representatives of the Hokkaido district, through interview examinations at the Japan convention and award reception, for all prominent judges who lead the Japanese business world, exchange opportunities with past finalists, various media such as newspapers and magazines You can get exposure opportunities to Eye Entrepreneurs of the Year continuously after that.

This 2018 EOY 2018 Japan Hokkaido area award ceremony will be held on the following schedule.


Date and time Tuesday, October 9, 2018, 15: 30 ~ 18: 30
Venue Sapporo Grand Hotel East Building 3F GINSEN
Application method Please contact the following inquiries below.
credit Organized by:EY Entrepreneurs of the Year Hokkaido District Management Office
Co-sponsored: EY Entrepreneurs of the Year Management Office
Sponsor: General Foundation Corporation Sapporo Industry Promotion Foundation, Doshisha Region Research Institute Co., Ltd., North Bank Bank, Ltd., Hokkaido Bank Ltd., Hokkaido 21st Century Research Institute, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Hokkaido Regional Bureau of Economy, National University Corporate Otaru University of Commerce, Sapporo City, Sapporo Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Consulate General of Japan in Sapporo, Stock Exchange Corporate Sapporo Securities Exchange, Independent Administrative Institution Small and Medium Enterprise Infrastructure Development Organization Hokkaido Headquarters, No Maps Executive Committee, Hokkaido, Hokkaido New Business Council, Hokkaido Venture Capital Corporation


15:30 Opening, greetings of guests
15:45 EOY Japan Startup Award 2018
Hokkaido area pitch contest
Mr. Shinya Arisoi Director, Latera Corporation
Mr. Toshihiko Miya Mr. First Connect, Inc. Representative Director
Kazuki Shimomura Mr. Landskip Representative Director
16:40 EY Entrepreneurs of the Year 2018 Japan
Hokkaido district representative commendation / award commemoration speech
Mr. Tetsuya Fujita President, Candy House Co., Ltd.
17:40 Reception party


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