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Conference Meet-up


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Date and time
October 14, 2018 (Sun)
Morning 11: 00-13: 30
Morning 14: 30-17: 00
From the "space" of space and community,
How to work, how to live, and the appearance of the city evolve
The figure of the city works there and is made in the form of people playing -
While listening to the real stories of people who change society while enjoying their daily life, it is an event to update the appearance of the city happily by our own appearance.
A new life style, design of community, encounter with people who create space to create value and town planning may lead to future tips.
date and time. Place
Date 10/14 (Sun)
Time Morning 11: 00-13: 30
Morning 14: 30-17: 00
Partial participation is OK even ※
(2 - F, Takeshisatville 1 - 29 Northern 2 - west West Chuo - ku, Sapporo - shi)
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Morning section
① Talk session
"Photo / Event / Media / Digital Marketing - Sapporo's Work across the Area"

Guest: Toshiyuki Akanuma (Marketing St)
Progression: SUPERIDOL (SUPERIDOL, inc.)

Accelerate various projects in the world of digital marketing.
Through events, we support community development and town planning.
We set up media and tell people's thoughts.
Distribute photographs taken from their own perspective as books / works.

This way of working may seem to be an example of common work in the world.
But if these are coexisting within a single human being ....

All the work mentioned at the beginning is the efforts of Toshiyuki Akanuma.
It is active in Sapporo while crossing various areas.

Currently, efforts to bring greater impact and value to society are progressing in many areas through cross-sectional activities beyond the boundaries of organizations and areas represented by words such as "open innovation" and "co-creation" I will.
It is also a way of Mirai's work to cross the area within one person.

Let's unravel together Mirai seen by Akanuma who is active in Sapporo.

② Workshop "My Mirai Project"
Togashi Shota (Playground, PRISM, Periods inc.)

It is a workshop that takes a look at your future image and the project you want to try.
It starts only from the first try!
It is a workshop that will make it fun.
Afternoon Department
① Talk session
"I will make sweets and visit - until sweet trade gaburi makes a new work form"
Guest: sweets trade shop gaburi
Progression: SUPERIDOL (SUPERIDOL, inc.)

Biscotti with a fragrant, fun texture. Muffin with delicious fruit in fluffy pound cake.
If you would like to bring baked goods that make you happy just by imagining, even if you do not go to the distant shops to go shopping ... you will be happier.

There are people who practice such a dreamlike happiness in Sapporo.
Its name is "confectionary peddler gaburi".

"Confectionery trade gaburi" makes baked confectionery and sells it in the city of Sapporo in the style of peddling.
Where and when it appears, customers looking for their baked confectionery that changes their place on that day, using SNS as a clue seems to be a traveler lost in the world of treasure hunting games.

The world of strange "confectionery peddler gaburi" where "making sweets" became "town planning" before unfamiliar.
Let's explore the happy world with us, which will be held in Sapporo.

② Workshop
"What would you like to do in Sapporo? - How to grow Mirai seeds"

Progression: SUPERIDOL (SUPERIDOL, inc.)

In your daily life without casualties, favorite items, services, places that you care about. That's what we feel "I like you", there is someone who felt Mirai there and moved hands to shape it.
If those people know how to find Mirai seeds and find out if they are going to enjoy something fun and favorite things in the world, we may be able to make new mills with our own hands.
In this workshop, each person finds the species of Mirai that leads to "likes" of themselves, and learns how to sustainable projects and methods to nurture them to business.
【For those who are uncertain whether they will learn even after leaving workshops】 Since the community continues to support the way to nurture seeds after workshop, be relieved.

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