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Let's use the Google Maps Platform and MIERUNE map!

Use it for business! Seminar on map and location information utilization



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Date and time
August 24, 2018 14 o'clock - ACU in-house training room 1605

What is utilization of map / location information?

In recent years, the spread of smart devices has led to a trend in promoting the application of ICT to field work, efforts to utilize data assets by industry, academia and government, and various data acquisition and sharing by IoT, data assets related to location information Many days have been created.

Based on the above maps and trends related to location information, at this seminarMarti Soup CorporationWhenMIERUNE Inc.We will introduce examples of maps and location information that can be utilized for various corporate activities.

To express these data assets beautifully on a map, analyze location information data, and utilize it for decision making is indispensable for future corporate activities, the value of location information increases day by day I will.

2018.08.24 (Friday)

About map service

In using maps related to location information,

We will introduce two types of map services with different characteristics, with methods of utilization and examples of introduction.

Also, companies and organizations in Sapporo will also publish topics related to location information at lightning talk, and exchange information.

Date and time: 2018/8/24 14: 00 ~ 16: 30 Venue: ACU In-Room Training Room 1605 (Kita 4-cha, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi, Asti 45, 16th floor)
Organized by:Marti Soup Corporation·MIERUNE Inc.
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