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Date and time
October 5, 2018 (Fri) 13: 00 ~ 18: 00 @ Hokkaido University
Hokkaido University School of Public Policy
The region now is suffering from the sense of stoppage such as employment options, the shrinking economic cycle, the declining birthrate and the aging population, the tightening of administrative and financial affairs. Furthermore, there is a present situation that is bound by old tradition and distortion and it is difficult to set new challenging attempts. In order to solve complex social issues and create new markets and industries in the region, it is urgent to train human resources who can practice value creation with innovative ideas. At Hokkaido University Graduate School of Public Policy, we will conduct innovation management courses in collaboration with the Japan Economic Research Institute and NoMaps.
In this course, we aimed to acquire logical and systematic "methodology to create innovative projects" rather than "flash" and "idea", and to bridge the challenge and practice through intensive competition in group work is.
We are waiting for applicants who are aiming to be a project leader in regional creation and innovation, in addition to those who are in charge of planning new business in the enterprise, social workers aiming for skill improvement.
Please note that this course is mainly for group work, so please participate in all times in principle.

Characteristics of the program and what can be learned

Innovative thinking not stuck to walls of stereotypes and vertical divisions
Design a sustainable value creation project that will enrich the region through acquiring a logical and concrete business concept planning framework.
  • Value thinking
Design of 'purpose' based on validity of value provided, universality
  • 3 Currentism / Overhead thinking
Exploring the essence by repetition of "on-the-spot reality" and "bird's eye view / abstraction"
  • Design Thinking / System Thinking
Idea creation by diversity and systematic and structural modeling consideration
  • Sustainability evaluation
Project evaluation from the viewpoint of projectability and sustainability
  • Case study of regional project
Investigation of innovative and sustainable projects from Hokkaido by case study group work with the theme of "Value creation in the Inbashigawa East District"

Program structure

1st 10/5 (Friday) @ Hokkaido University
Value analysis · Business environment analysis · Innovative thinking
The 2nd 10/26 (Friday) @ Library · Information Center
Regional Innovation · Field Study
The 3 rd November 16 (Fri) @ Hokkaido University
Issue design · system thinking · group work
The 4th 12/7 (Friday) @ Hokkaido University
Business modeling · group work
The 5th 1/18 (Friday) @ Library · Information Center
Regional policy and innovation · group work
Innovation dialog

Between 13:00 and 18:00
Venue / Lecturer in charge
  • place
Hokkaido University School of Public Policy
Or Sapporo City Library · Information Center
(Details will be informed to students)
  • Lecturer in charge
General Institute of Japan Economic Research Institute
Technology commercialization support center Yoshima

Application method

Please contact the e-mail address (tec@jeri.or) below.
(9/21 deadline, first come first served)
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  • Affiliated company / organization / location
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