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Date and time
Saturday, March 23, 2019
15: 00-19: 00 (14:30 opening)
Intercross Creative Center Cross Garden
Attracting creators who are active in other cities born in Hokkaido and creators who work in local cities in a situation similar to Sapporo city as lecturers and attracting things they like and developing new business in local cities And issues such as freelance, entrepreneurs, and other stakeholders in various positions.


Date and time Saturday, March 23, 2019 15: 00-19: 00 (14: 30 opening)
Venue Intercross Creative Center
(Sapporo city Shiraishi ku Higashi Sapporo 5 - 1 - 1 - Chome 1-1 within Sapporo City Industry Promotion Center)
Admission fee free
Capacity 50 people (It will be closed as soon as the number becomes available)
Application Please apply from here
Organized by Intercross Creative Center
Cooperation: Krypton · Future Media Co., Ltd.
Special cooperation: No Maps Executive Committee


15:00 Part 1 (90 minutes)
16:30 break (10 minutes)
16: 40 Part 2 (90 minutes)
18: 10 exchange party (50 minutes) ※ held at the same venue
End of 19: 00

Part 1 "Real Life of" Wild Workers "Continue to Cross the Bridge"

The so-called "wild workers" who were from a rural area, retired from a large company for several years, retired from work, and have been opening roads because of their good skills and what they liked. As a freelance who is not tied to the company, what kind of work did you do and where did you find the opportunity? Is such freelance activity possible in Sapporo, too? I will speak frankly about what I can not write in SNS, such as the thought to the rural areas and future goals.
<Moderator> Ryota Hattori (local team manager, Krypton Future Media Co., Ltd.)


Freelance / Photographer Cinematographer

Born from Nara Prefecture, living in Tokyo, 26 years old. After graduating from law school at Kansai University, I joined the amana group 's acube on a new graduate and I became independent two years ago. Currently as free-lance, we do shooting and direction of steel, video regardless of advertisement, magazine or web.
Recently, I was in charge of MV shooting of "Rainbow Flag" of ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION, and key visual shooting of "& bottle" by Re: S (Risu) who edits and co-produced Tiger Evil bottle. From the end of March, we plan to hold a solo exhibition at Mujirushi in Shinjuku.

Takuya Yamada

University Nagoya University President / Freelance Community Manager

Born in Takamachi in 1990. After graduating from Hirosaki University, I got a job at a major company and transferred to Nagoya. In Aomori who was a college student, I was touched on arts and foreign culture, and I am interested in making free papers and creating places. Currently, as president of Nagoya University, NPO corporation large, discover, discover and disseminate the charm of the area of the Tokai three prefectures. As a freelance, she also works as a community manager for outdoor music festival "Forest Road Market" representing Aichi Prefecture and IDENTITY Co., Ltd. which supports company and regional digital marketing.

Sardine Kazuya

Freelance BizDev / Technologist

Born in Takamachi, Hokkaido in 1991. Kitami Higuchi High School, graduated from Osaka University Faculty of Engineering. After graduating from Graduate School of Information Science and Arts (IAMAS) after graduating from Hakuhodo Corporation as a new graduate. While studying abroad, we will launch "Okhotsk Island" web media related to the Hokkaido Okhotsk Sea side area and conduct research on local communities and web media. After completing the project, he was involved in a large enterprise's new business planning at QUANTUM Co., Ltd. As a freelance BizDev / Technologist in 2018, he plans and project management in the area mainly involving the community of Hokkaido and various new technologies.

Shibata Alisa

Confection Tech Company Co., Ltd. TREASURE IN STOMACH CEO

I am from Sapporo city. He majored in physics at a science university in Tokyo and joined a major IT advertising agency. Uturning to Sapporo as a trigger from family illness, after working at a web design company, established "TREASURE IN STOMACH" in 2017. I am promoting a project through the "Creating a chance to learn diverse ideas and backgrounds through sweets" in order to think about various questions to society and to create solutions with many people that I felt from a young age.

Part 2 "Expanding from the Region, Creatives named Business"

From Tokyo to Tokyo, from Fukuoka, Sapporo and Nagoya, each of us moved to a local city, invited three people who newly entrepreneurs and runs a company that conducts web media management, company product development, and guesthouse management, raising business from the district, from there We will talk about the balance between visible issues and efforts and the future local city issues and possibilities including the connection with Tokyo.
<Moderator> Sardine Kazuya


Representative Director of Umibe Co., Ltd. / CEO of Cookpad Corporation

Born in Matsumoto city, Nagano Prefecture in 1986. After graduating from music university, he joined the foundation of startup after music activities in Tokyo, moved to Fukuoka in 2013. Establishment of Umibe Co., Ltd. in August 2014, "Fishing is gentle," as a vision. M & A was made to Cookpad Co., Ltd. in August 2018, and now he also serves as a representative director of Umibe Co., Ltd. and cooks Cookpad Co., Ltd. for new business development.

Kazuo Ikari


Started multiple businesses · corporations from the university, transferred activities to Tokai district at the age of 30 and established IDENTITY Co., Ltd. We will support business development in the digital domain for start-ups and major companies with the mission of "Digital shift in every region". We got support of over 3 million yen in cloud funding and launched a facility "MINGLE" which renovated waste buildings in Minokamo City, Gifu Prefecture.

Takashi Kimura

Co-Representative Staylink LLC

April 1991 Born in Kawaguchi city, Saitama prefecture. After graduating from university in Tokyo, I moved to Sapporo. Founded a joint company Staylink with two classmates. We operate five guest houses and hotels in Hokkaido, with the theme "Real x Platform that people can realize dreams". Over the course of five years about 100,000 people over 40 countries will grow to accommodate. We also have schools for after school for elementary school students beyond accommodation business.


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