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IoT Design Girl in Hokkaido



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Date and time
Wednesday 10th October 2018 10: 00 ~ 13: 30 (opening 9: 30)
"What can I do with IoT? "A girl who designs and makes it easy to understand!" "A girl who creates new value by connecting companies and local governments!" Was launched last year. Design thinking and the ability to flexibly involve create new value.


Date and time Wednesday 10th October 2018 10: 00 ~ 13: 30 (opening 9: 30)
Venue ACU-A Room X (1206)
〒 060-0004 Sapporo-shi Chuo-ku Kita 4-cha West 5-chome Asti 45
Fee free entrance
※ Lunch Meat-up only Lunch box 1,000 yen (Actual expenses · Applicants only)
Capacity 80 people
※ Workshop capacity is 40 people · Female only (Male listening is possible)
Application Region IoT Public Internet WebsitePlease apply from
Hosting Region IoT public and private nets
Co-organized Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Hokkaido Communication Bureau
Special cooperation No Maps Committee


  • Masahiko Fujimoto (General Director, Hokkaido Communication Bureau, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications)
Why "girl" in IoT design?
  • Mr. Kaori Arimoto (Chief Auditor, ICT Promotion Office, NTT Docomo Co., Ltd.)
  • Yokoiguchi (Mr. Muroran City ICT Promotion Division ICT Promotion Section Chief, Planning and Finance Division)
A lecture
What is the power needed to create new value?
~ Efficacy of Chinese medicine "Sapporo People's Book" that works quietly and smoothly ~
  • Fukutsu Kyoko (president of Sapporo people / municipal high school concierge)
A lecture
Challenge to change flower distribution
  • Mikiya Suzuki (Representative Director of Brandia Co., Ltd.)
10 minutes break  
Lecture &
"Design a new value"
  • Watanabe Kyoko (Special Assistant Professor, Graduate School of System Design and Management, Keio University)
Lunch meet up12: 30 - 13: 30
※ We prepare lunch box at 1,000 yen (actual expenses) only for advance applicant.


Arimoto Kaori

Regional Cooperation Creation · ICT Promotion Office Chief / IoT Design Girl (Agri Girl 002)

He joined NTT Docomo in 2002 and is assigned to the corporate sales department of Gunma Branch. The agricultural ICT project launched by two people in the DoCoMo No. 1 corporate sales department in 2014 is being evolved without permission by men who support over 100 "agri girls" for three years. The "know-how" know-how developed into "IoT design girl" of 2017 "IoT Public Private Net" project, and connects everything. Since April 2018 he has been engaged in promoting local ICT · IoT.

Yokoigoto Yoko

Muroran City Planning and Finance Department ICT Promotion Division ICT Promotion Dept.

In April 2015, I entered the Muroran City Hall. It is assigned to Planning and Finance Department Planning Section [Advance Information Promotion], and is engaged in administrative information system operation and network maintenance and management work. In 2017, as the only IoT design girl in Muroran city in Hokkaido duct, I acted as a first grader, "Bath eyed ~ ~" of the BUS Romantic team who belonged to me became the best plan and presented at regional IoT public and private network general meeting. It demonstrated the ability of hidden acting school. Current position since April 2017.

Fukutsu Kyoko

President of the Sapporo People Chamber / Municipal High School Concierge

After opening the regional FM broadcasting director, in May 2012, we opened the "Sapporo People Campaign" that delivers video interviews of people active in Sapporo every day for 365 days a year. We accomplished the planning, production, shooting, editing alone, and in March 2015 we achieved 1000 interviewees who were pledged. It is now a television program at JECOM Sapporo and continues updating at the pace three times a week. Published by Hokkaido Shimbun publishing book of the same name in March 2017.

Mikiya Suzuki

Director of Brandia Co., Ltd.

Otaru city born 1983 Sapporo floricult market, serve flowers. Established Brandia Co., Ltd. in 2012, Tomofa Corporation in 2012 and Kalal Co., Ltd. in 2015 and challenges new distribution linking flower shops and producers that can accommodate small and multi-item orders. In addition, we made Hokkaido 's first everyday test room and aimed to sell warranty on sunshine by using data. Supporting the reform of workers' way of working with floral flow distribution reform due to reduced loss of flowers and higher quality. In 2015 he also served as a special lecturer at Sapporo Gakuin University, which also contributed to nurturing students.
Northern Entrepreneur Excellence Award, Sapporo Smile Award PROGRESSIVE Category Award.

Watanabe Kyoko

Keio University Graduate School of System Design and Management Special Assistant Professor

He graduated from Keio University School of Economics, graduated from the Keio University Graduate School of System Design and Management with a Master's Degree (SDM). From April 2014 he was in charge of subjects of innovation education related projects and design projects (PBL) and systems engineering at SDM. Also, from the viewpoint of information architecture and information design, it is also a representative director of Bridgework limited company engaged in content design such as English-Japanese translation and English writing and website, and in Innovative Design LLC practicing Systems Engineering Consulting business, partner To support enterprise's new business development and innovation.

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