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How to create an issue tree

What is really valuable problem solving

Conference Meet-up


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Date and time
November 9, 2018 (Friday)
(Start of reception at 18:00)
Intercross Creative Center Cross Garden
We recruit people who have made a mistake in their ideas at business contest and entrepreneurial experience event

Many of those who participated in business contests and entrepreneurial experiences events have not thought that "How can we better develop ideas better?" "Can you think about systematically?" Is not it.

Business is also to solve someone's problem, depending on products and services. And some of the problems are essential and not.

In this workshop, we will use the logic tree / MECE framework to organize the problems in order, to learn how to identify essential and striking problems, and to practice in the workshop.

Upon entering the next business contest, we can hope with a more sophisticated theme and confidence.

In addition to business contests and entrepreneurial experience events, you can also use it as a way of living society in various situations, how to choose job search, business planning, research theme, and so on.
(1) Object
· People who have participated in vidicon or entrepreneurial events, those who are planning to participate from now
· Logic tree · MECE and others who are interested in framework
· People who are interested in logical thinking, problem solving methods, etc.

(2) Schedule
18:30 Intro · Self introduction
19:00 Explanation about this topic
(I will use the Halt Prize theme in 2019)
Explanation of Logic Tree · MECE
group work
20:30 sharing
21:00 End
(3) Personal belongings
If you have, please bring a personal computer or tablet.
You can use wifi inside the hall.
(Although it is convenient, it is okay if you do not have it.)

(4) Application / Inquiries
No Maps Limited Liability Company
Sapporo-shi Shiraishi-ku Higashi Sapporo 5-1 chome 1-1
TEL: 050-6869-0326 (Contact: Kimura)