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Japan Startup Assistance Association Hokkaido Lunch Exchange Meeting

Making quality places where you can network with entrepreneurs, executives of listed companies, executives of leading companies, major securities companies, auditing firms, angels, VCs and media

Conference Meet-up


This event has ended.
Date and time
Tuesday, October 9, 2018
11: 15 ~ 14: 00 (reception starts at 11 o'clock)
Bit Star Corporation


(1) Purpose
Sapporo startup support
Realization of IPO and M & A at the shortest possible speed
Matching with supporters such as startup and mentor, alliance, finance etc.
(2) Date / time / place
10/9 (Tue) 11: 15-14: (reception starts at 11 o'clock)
Bit Star Corporation
(Sakura Internet Corporation group company)
〒 064 0807 Sapporo, Hokkaido Chuo-ku, Minami 7 - west West 1 - chome 21 - 1 - 3 Hongda Building 3 F
(3) Participation target
For start-ups, IPO business people, government municipalities, universities, large companies, finance, media, investors
Not less than 1 director and 3 members
(4) Capacity
Capacity: 60 people, complete reservation system
(5) Cost
Prepayment 1500 yen, payment on the day 3000 yen

Application method

Preliminary items

  • In order not to waste time, preliminary distribution of participant information list is scheduled to be pre-matched by facebook
  • Please acknowledge and approve of information sharing among participants
  • We can distribute company guidance and materials etc. self-selling. Please prepare if you wish.
  • Participants on the startup side will be required to take the elevator pitch (30 seconds). Please prepare.

time schedule

11: 00 reception start
11:15 Opening address Greeting representative, No Maps Executive Committee
11:20 Association Description Representative Director, Advisor
11: 50 Part 1 Talk session (listed company management, adviser)
12:20 Part 2 Elevator pitch (startup etc.)
12: 50 Part 3 Public group mentoring
13: 30 Part 4 Networking time
14:00 Closing remarks
* Applicants will be invited to the following events.
15: 30 EOY2018 Japan Hokkaido District Award Ceremony Award
Venue: Sapporo Grand Hotel East Building 3F GINSEN

Participating / cooperating organizations

● Guest Guest Speaker
【TSE First Section】 Northern Masato Corporation / Mr. Katsuishi Kinoshita Representative Director
【TSE First Section】 Sakura Internet / President Kunihiro Tanaka
【TSE Mothers】 Rock On / Mr. Susumu Iwata Representative Director
Neo e Commerce Research Institute, Inc. / Mr. Norihiro Nakajima
※ Moderator General Manager, Japan Startup Association Representative Director Takahiro Oka
I plan to participate
Hokkaido Region of Industry
EY Shin Nihon Audit Corporation
● Special cooperation
No Maps Committee