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"Project to leave regional records through old photographs"

Know the town, create a town



This event has ended.
Date and time
November 2 (Fri) - 3 (Sat) in 2018
What's the impression of everyone's "Morimachi"?
Just a rural town? Sapporo and Tokyo are the best, do you think that "Morimachi Nante"?
I also did. However, as it grows up, I notice the charm of Morimachi
I came to think that it was a good town.
But such a servant still is not satisfied with Morimachi.

Modern day, if you have a web, what you want is also available in the countryside and in the city.
However, information on Morimachi, especially the efforts and hardships of the forerunners who loved Morimachi and created Morimachi
There is little information on the web, so I can not get it.
If you can cherish the old wisdom and acquire new knowledge
Our future will be more fun.

"Knowing the city, making the city"

Why do not you join us with activities to digitally leave the city?


Date and time 16: 00-18: 00 on November 2, 2018, Saturday, 10: 00-16: 00
Venue Mori High School Industry Promotion Building 1st Floor Network Room (Hokkaido Kaibe-gun Morimacho 326-48 Kamitai-machi)
participant Mori High School Student Limited (For those who wish to visit, please contact Haumori)
Required Equipment We will rent out the necessary equipment for work.
Implementing entity Rissho University Department of Environmental Systems Department of Environmental Systems Department Keizo Mishima Special Lecturer
Cooperation Mori Town Office General Affairs Section · Planning Promotion Section
Co-organized Haumori
Special cooperation No Maps Committee