Collect! High school student chasing a dream!

Unknown future festival

Conference Meet-up


This event has ended.
Date and time
Saturday, October 6, 2018 12: 00 ~ 17: 30
Underground walking space in Sapporo station front North 2-
Sapporo Ekimichori Underground Walking Space (Chi Ka · Ho)

"A high school student of Imadoki ..."
It is a word to hear frequently recently. Many things such as "lethargy" "indifference" "no subjectivity" and so on.
But, after chasing a dream, a high school student looking forward to you, thank you!
The unknown festival festival is a festival aimed at realizing that the high school student who dreams and the ideal of the future talks about the future of itself and society.

  • Date / time / location
    Saturday, October 6, 12: 00 ~ 17: 30
    Underground walking space in Sapporo station front North 2-
  • Participants
    Basically, "passers-by is a customer" is a project to do with motto, so if you go through Chikao that day, anyone can join and listen, not limited to high school students.
12:00~14:15 Each booth introduction
(VR, calligraphy, kagura, collage art, NoMaps etc.)
14:15~14:30 Break venue layout change
14:30~16:30  Dreamers election (a contest competing competition of spectators by five high school students)
① High school student rapper I want to raise the music of Hokkaido
② High school student hitchhiker I want to know more about society
③ High school student designer I want to expand my possibilities
④ High school student application developer I want to live a different life from others
⑤ High school student backpacker I want to work for world peace
16:30~17:30 Discussion with each performer and visitors.
We will interact with dream chasing people and expand their dreams!
Student organization "UKARI" Facebook @ukarisapporo
NoMaps Executive Committee